A small update from CA on 1.5 for mobile [Updated 8/2]


ConcernedApe said that a release in October would be the earliest possible, yet very unlikely.
We are still in September, thus I believe that we can safely expect no news before the end of October. 😀
Here's the latest comment from ConcernedApe, on August 2nd:

On July 21st he made a similar statement regarding the update being out by year's end.
On June 3rd, ConcernedApe made a few comments about 1.5 on mobile, which can be found here.

Here are some previous statements from March:

Additional previous statements from ConcernedApe:

July 6th, 2021
October 20th, 2021
December 2nd, 2021
Thank you!
Man I would kill to have my old save on my mobile device, it was my favourite save but the device it too old to play on and too old to even transfer the files over. It’s really sad but what my first ever save taught me about self honesty in games and not cheating this one taught me about appreciation and loving the game for what it is and can do with a spark of imagination.
I play equally on my computer with update 1.5 and on my mobile with update 1.4 but I agree with @FilthyGorilla that being able to share my saves between both devices is one of the top reason that I'm so eager for update 1.5 to be released on mobile.
Interchanging save files is so nice, I wish I had done it previously.

I’m just now thinking of all the applications of back and forth playing.