1. Windows A typo/misspell in 1.6 item

    Woody's Secret's description is "Felled trees have a 5% chance to yield double the wood" and I believe it should be "Fallen trees [...]", I might he wrong though (Posting this here as SVF tells me I don't have sufficient permissions to post in the Typos section)
  2. bensect

    PC [BUG] Minor Krobus dialogue error

    I just got the event where Krobus as my character's roommate gave me a plant for the house, and when saying "What do you think, (name)", the name of my character was not capitalized.
  3. PC [BUG] there are mistraslate and proposal in korean

    there is a mistranslate advanced option in korean. In UI file, "Spawn monsters on the farm" is mistranslated "마을에서 몬스터 등장". It may change from "마을" to "농장". and I saw "Unmilled rice" that translated "가공되지 않은 쌀". "Unmilled rice" is called "벼" in korea, so I think "벼" is more suitable translate.
  4. liquidcat

    Please Read Dedicated typo and translation error thread

    Please report all the typos and translation errors in this thread! Be sure to specify - Platform you're playing on - Language you're playing in - Version number
  5. flzubuduuz

    PC [BUG] Missing period in Willy's Fish Shop

    The message that pops up when you click on the ladder at the back of Willy's shop is missing a period at the end. This is in the English version and there are no mods installed.
  6. ChemMixer

    PC [BUG/HELP] List of all untranslated Japanese(日本語)strings for V1.5

    1. Item names that haven't translate into Japanese. String data pointing the wrong values, which unable to produce item name in-game. Weapons: Iridium Needle, Infinity Blade, Infinity Gavel, and Infinity Dagger Hats: Panda Hat and several hidden items. Also missing strings for English. Misc...
  7. DragonsLover

    PC [BUG] English language typos/mistakes + Lonely Stone bug

    Following this post, here are the possible mistakes I have found in the original English strings while doing my French Quebec translation mod. A few of them are mostly interrogations rather than mistakes: File: Characters\Dialogue\Demetrius.yaml String ID: summer_Mon String: #$e#%Demetrius is...