1. PC [BUG] 1.5 - Split Screen Multiplayer with Dualshock 4 controllers on MacOS continuous/repeated presses

    I recently installed the 1.5 update and have been trying to get the split screen multiplayer working. With one controller, Stardew Valley works perfectly fine as expected. However, connecting a second controller to the machine causes any button press (including D-pad, right side buttons, and...
  2. PC [BUG] Multiplayer Knockback

    I searched and saw no posts about this here; since multiplayer was released my friends and I have been having trouble with knockback not working for the non-hosts. It is trouble no matter who hosts the game and it makes the mines hard and the skull caverns practically impossible. This results in...
  3. PC [Bug] [Spoilers] Multiplayer stuck in trees after ginger island event

    Me and my friend get in the ginger island second or third times, and my friend (host) trigger the Leo event, so after I watched the same event from another place, I get teleported into this map and get stuck in the forest (as shown as below) Btw, I have to disconnected and connect back to...
  4. PC [BUG] Seeds Bug

    Hello, was playing multiplayer, and whenever I planted a seed down my friend was able to immediately harvest the full-grown veggie.
  5. PC [BUG] Invite and invite code button not showing

    My friend can't connect to any games and when she tries to host the invite and invite code buttons are not showing. She tried this on a mac and a windows computer but it was the same for both. We made sure to run the game through Steam as well. I also don't think it is the router as we tried it...
  6. coventrycarol

    PC [HELP] Having Children

    Hi so me and my boyfriend have married each other on stardew and also got the house upgrade for children. (It didn’t ask me first which I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to) He has been asked 2 times already if he wants to have children but when he accepted it just said ‘Waiting for players 1/2’ for...
  7. Solved Grandpas shrine multiplayer glitch

    On the beginning of year three only one person was able to get shrine of yoba. Cant offer diamond to shrine to reset and try again. Only two players playing.
  8. PC [BUG] Black screen at ending day

    Me and some friends was playing the multiplayer,it was everything okay since we went to sleep and it was not starting the next day. It was showing just a black screen,please help it was just showing this
  9. Solved [BUG] Only one statue of perfection in multiplayer

    Me and my friend where playing Stardew Valley and finally made it to the 3rd year. We both got four candles to light up on grandpas evaluations but I was the only one to get the statue of perfection. My friend is really upset about it. Thank you for your time and any help you can give me about this.
  10. Switch [BUG] Coop Issues on Four Corners Map

    I'm currently the only player on a 4 corners/multiplayer map, and I'm having issues with the Coop. Anytime I exit the coop, I come out of the greenhouse - even though it's not been rebuilt, yet. I was living with it, but now it seems that though I could upgrade to the Big Coop, I cannot upgrade...
  11. PS4 [HELP] Black screen at end of day on multiplayer

    On multiplayer when my and my friend go to bed it would show a black screen and we were unable to continue unless my friend backed out at which point the game would continue to the next day for me any solutions would be much appreciated
  12. PC [BUG] multiplayer issues

    Hi, I recently bought a copy of Stardew Valley to give a friend to play multiplayer and it turns out that to date we have not been able to. The box to join by invitation code does not appear and neither can I invite him from steam and he cannot invite me either. I have looked everywhere for a...
  13. Switch [BUG] Multiplayer Bug?

    My friend and I played local play for around 20 hours sitting right next to each other, I was the one joining her game and it kept booting me. We then tried to use online play which worked better but with lag rather than booting me out but now are without internet and I can’t find the game she...