PC [BUG] Multiplayer Knockback


I searched and saw no posts about this here; since multiplayer was released my friends and I have been having trouble with knockback not working for the non-hosts. It is trouble no matter who hosts the game and it makes the mines hard and the skull caverns practically impossible. This results in multiplayer being not as fun for those who are joining the host.

I see posts about this on reddit sometimes so I know it isn't just us, but could it still be a connection issue?
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Having the same issue. Just started a local co op (super speedy fiber 100 down / 50 up) both on macs and updated to the newest version. Doesn’t matter which of us is the host. The non-host always has very little knock back. ETA were in the same room as the router with no other connectivity issues.


I am having the same issue on Switch. My wife is the host of the game and I join on my switch as an additional player. My wife gets the normal knockback and my swords don’t knock any monsters back in the regular mine or Skull Cavern. It essentially makes it so that I get hit by every monster in Skull Cavern and I die so easily. Can we please get some feedback on this?