1. PC [BUG] Leah bug.

    Leah is stuck in house after marriage, moves and gets stuck. This is one of many outcomes she also sometimes doesn't move at all from the painting stand or she moves and gets stuck by the table. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtoVKHeR6iM
  2. quinnjn

    PC [BUG] Stuck in wall after Leah's 6 heart event

    Hello! I ended up stuck in the wall after Leah's 6 heart event. Here is what happened: I entered the farm from the Cindersap Forest after visiting Leah and getting her 4 heart event in her home. I was riding my horse back to the farm when the cut scene started. After the cut scene, I was stuck...
  3. PC [Bug] Stuck in Terrain after Leah Six-heart Event I.

    v1.5.3 for the PC, via Steam. No mods. Single-player. Language: English. Farm map: default In-game date: 23 Winter, Year 1 I entered my farm while riding my horse from the Cindersap Forest. I triggered the first of Leah's six-heart cutscenes, where she gives you the statue. After the cutscene...
  4. PC [BUG]Entering event at farm house from south entrance on a horse leaves player stuck in wall.

    So I triggered Leah's 2 and 4 heart event right after each other and then went back to my farm on my horse through the south entrance. This triggered the 6 heart event with her, but after the event I was dismounted into the left wall at the entrance unable to escape (see picture below). I redid...
  5. TheoTheHippo

    Art Leah - Digital 3D fanart

    Hello everyone, wonderful community, farmers, foragers, anglers and so on.. ! :proud: I first grabbed the game end of 2020 out of curiosity and couldn't stop playing it. I also had the chance to play it a bit before the 1.5 update, which allowed me to make 2 different playthroughs ; one during...
  6. PC [Bug] 1.5 "Key To The Town" Does Not Work with Leah's Cottage

    As the title says. Leah's friendship with me is zero heart and her status is single. Also, this is after divorcing her, don't know if it matters
  7. Petmousse

    Android [BUG] Spouse Leah says numbers

    I have married Leah and sometimes if I speak to her she says, "I planned these behind the house" and then a bunch of numbers strings of 2 or 3, like 34 887 22 45 etc. Is she supposed to be giving me something like with the name exploit?
  8. Art coldazrael's Stardew Valley Art Gallery (+Wallpapers)

    Hi everyone~ Back then when I decided to draw some stuff, Stardew Valley is the beginning of my artworks and my life as an artist. So I decided to share some of my artworks :owo:. Coffee for Husband Featuring : Farmer Amanda (Owned by DarkSerena67 from discord) and Harvey Commissioned by...