1. iOS [BUG] Was not able to deliver herring to Harvey

    Had a quest to deliver a herring to Harvey, came to him with a herring but he did not take it :(
  2. Worblehat

    PC [BUG] Harvey/Maru rain schedule conflict

    Harvey's rainy day schedule appears to conflict with Maru's work schedule. Maru works at the counter, as always on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On a rainy day Harvey works at the clinic's front desk from 8:40am to 12:00pm. So on a rainy Tues./Thurs. morning he's standing in the same spot as Maru, and...
  3. PC [BUG] My Sewing machine

    Hello! I noticed on the day the fairy came late at night and sprinkled my crops, my sewing machine disappeared! Is that part of the game or a glitch? Thanks in advanced for your help! Bejati.
  4. Help me choose: Harvey or Sebastian (or Korbus???)

    It's been three years up here in this valley and I'm thinking of settling down... but I need help picking the winner of The Bachelorette: FARMER EDITION. Harvey: + Omg what a cute dweeb + He keeps blushing every time I talk to him now dlsjslsj stop + His heart events have been cute and just the...
  5. GaelicXolotl

    Kent and Harvey heart event

    Kent clearly has some untreated PTSD , if you get max hearts with Kent and Harvey you will be able to go to Harvey and for the right amount of money to cover the costs for Kent's therapy, over the next months (mabe a year, idk) you may see progress in Kent's mental health.
  6. Art coldazrael's Stardew Valley Art Gallery (+Wallpapers)

    Hi everyone~ Back then when I decided to draw some stuff, Stardew Valley is the beginning of my artworks and my life as an artist. So I decided to share some of my artworks :owo:. Coffee for Husband Featuring : Farmer Amanda (Owned by DarkSerena67 from discord) and Harvey Commissioned by...