How can i get childrens with harvey


Hi I want to ask how can I get that harvey ask me for have childrens I have all hearts, the 3 upgrades of the house and like 3 months of marriage please help me thanks


Make sure your house has a crib too and 10 hearts with him or more. If you remove the crib for any reason, there won't be a prompt.
After that, every night there would be a one in 20 chance of him asking to have children or adopt (if same sex). After that, it will take 14 days until the baby is born.
But yeah, 3 seasons sound too long, usually they can start asking after one week.


Local Legend
You need to have a house with at least 2 upgrades, a crib, and 10 hearts minimum with your spouse.

if you meet all criteria you will have a 1/20 chance each night for your spouse to ask you for a baby. Sometimes it can take really long.