1. Coding Help Alter hair following body animations - through coding?

    Hi. I want to make a mod to change the animation of the farmer when viewed from the side while using the pickaxe, axe, hoe, or club special attack. It was going well until I noticed that the hair still moved as if it were the old animation (moving up), while I in my new animation need the hair...
  2. Gesplinkct

    Writing Short: The Misclick

    Her eyes snap open at 6am sharp. In her first waking moment, she stands fully dressed, wearing a backpack, right next to her bed. She reaches into her backpack and methodically moves her hands from left to right, pulling out a full cup of triple-shot espresso without spilling a drop. She feels...
  3. Single player with multiple farmers?

    Hi everyone! Im currently playing a farm but I’d like to add multiple farmers to the one playthrough that just me can play at different times? Can I do this by adding the extra houses from Robin? I only have 1 PC and it’s modded! thanks!
  4. PhantasmSorceress

    Let’s do something fun!!!

    Let’s do something fun!!! Everyone show pictures of your farmer and share some fun facts about them 😊
  5. Godkin

    the first time I played this game I was worried that the options I had chosen would change many things in the game

    I used to think helping Joja to the end was a bad ending, but after a while I realized that I did the right thing from the start.
  6. Issue ‘give_flowersB’ was not present

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me with this problem. So, I’m playing stardew valley write mods and everything else I’d working. But when I try and give a marriageable character a bouquet I get stuck in a dialogue box and have to exit out of the game. It’s happening everytime I try...
  7. oddpine

    Content Patcher More Short Hair 1.0.0

    Or photo: Lesbian haircuts for anyone (and bike store) by sandcastlematt. licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 I have more hairstyles that I'm planning on adding to this, but I also needed to get this out of my brain and into the world so take this as it is. This mod adds hairstyles for the Farmer to...
  8. Laissez_Faire_Farming

    Complaint: I lost touch with my Father/Mother

    Our father/mother sent us mails all the time at the beginning of our journey... After the time progressed, I lost touch with my father. In order to progress it.... Maybe my father should sleep over on my farm for a while. I have a guest room, and I want him to meet my husband.\
  9. dolce-elegy

    Art "From Grandpa's Farm: A Stardew Valley OC Zine" Desert Party Final Illustration

    Continuing my brand of forgetting that this forum exists and then remembering that it does ;u;👌✨. Anyways, "From Grandpa's Farm: A Stardew Valley OC Zine" finally released which means I can finally post my piece for it! Here's my Farmer OC/Player Character, Casimiro (Stardew Valley [Beta] Farmer...
  10. piratebarbarian

    Art Siru's SDV Art Thread

    I have no idea how much art I'll actually end up making, but hey, might as well slap this one drawing here for now. I was in the mood for doodling, so I drew up a quick drawing of my farmer (or farmsona, whichever name you prefer), Siru, just chilling with her grumpy old cat, Haiku. Siru rarely...
  11. dolce-elegy

    "From Grandpa's Farm: A Stardew Valley OC Zine" Illustration Preview

    Hey all! Sorry that I haven't been around for a while. My call center job has been...killing me...which is putting it lightly... :'3 Anyways, I got into a Stardew Valley themed zine run by LBZines on tumblr! They're running a zine called "From Grandpa's Farm" that focuses on people's SDV farmer...
  12. StardewWizard

    Art My farmer!

    I drew my farmer! Please excuse the lined paper, i lost my sketchbook.
  13. Magically Clueless

    Writing A Farm in the Forest

    A Farm in the Forest Last Updated: May 13, 2020 Current Chapters: 59 (243,588 words) Frequent Characters: Female Farmer (Jade), Sebastian, Alex, Sam, Maru, Robin Supporting Characters: Penny, Abigail, Demetrius, Lewis Main romantic relationship: Female Farmer/Sebastian Main platonic...
  14. Art coldazrael's Stardew Valley Art Gallery (+Wallpapers)

    Hi everyone~ Back then when I decided to draw some stuff, Stardew Valley is the beginning of my artworks and my life as an artist. So I decided to share some of my artworks :owo:. Coffee for Husband Featuring : Farmer Amanda (Owned by DarkSerena67 from discord) and Harvey Commissioned by...
  15. Burl

    Art Burl's first time struggles

    I just started playing SDV about 4 days ago and keeping the game away has been proven useless. I'm clueless on most thing so now I quantify my cluelessness with images. :ca: I bought my chickens in winter and couldn't figure out why they were always grumpy... Then I realised I didn't feed them...
  16. kdau

    SMAPI Pregnancy Role 2.0.0

    Pregnancy Role a Stardew Valley mod by kdau People of all genders may or may not be able to become pregnant. This mod gives Stardew Valley farmers and NPCs the full range of possibilities. Pregnancy Role does not change the chance or timing of baby proposals between spouses. However, if and...
  17. Bellimoon

    Art Moon Doodles 🌙

    I haven't done a lot of fanart yet for Stardew, but I'll post them as I go! You can also find them on my twitter and tumblr accounts 🌸
  18. cozy

    Art cozy's SDV art thread

    h e n l o a l l i have many stardew-related arts, mostly involving my farmer and elliott. i didn't expect to get into this game as much as i did so i didn't make any Cool OCs like most folks, my farmer's basically just Me, but i still have a lot of fun with her. apologies In Advance for the...