beach farm

  1. Nuka-Quantum Knight

    PS4 Looking for ppl to play with 18+

    I'm planning to make it on the beach farm because I like the layout and look, and its nice and big with lots of space to work with. I wanna focus on getting every type of animal we can in game, slimes included, and making artisan goods alongside animal products, but other than that I'm happy to...

    Switch Beach Farm, looking for someone c:

    This game is a lot better with friends!! Would anyone like to start a new beach farm ? :]
  3. torabisu831

    Switch New 21+y/o Multi Beach Farm anyone?

    Was thinking of trying to start over and do a fresh farm but with a team! I sometimes play with my gf when she can. So I was thinking if there’s any other couples out there could do something and have some fun! We’re both 27/28 so I figured some older people would be better to vibe with. She’s...
  4. imnvs

    Beach Farm Amethyst's Purple Farm (late game, spoilers)

    Summer 16, Year 4 Coop: 2 Gold Chickens, 2 Blue Chickens, 2 Void Chickens, 2 Ducks, 2 Rabbits, 2 Dinos Barn 1: 2 Cows, 4 Goats, 1 Pig, 5 Ostrich Barn 2: 2 Ostrich (Currently working on hatching 5 more ostriches in Barn 2, will eventually move the other 5 over to Barn 2, and then get 2 more cows...
  5. Stardew Planner Issue

    Hi, I love the stardew planner on the stardew wiki page. However, the beach farm does not allow it to render to see the final product. All the other farm types work. @ConcernedApe
  6. Switch Supply Crates Seeds

    After the blue floor glitch olfix on switch all I have gotten are seeds from supply crates are seeds. I am on the beach farm. Is it bad luck or a bug?
  7. Switch Beach Farm issue

    Hi! I posted this on Reddit and was directed to bring my issue here. I played 1.5 on the PC when it came out and started out with the beach farm. I loved it because the “care packages” that would wash up were suuuuper helpful so, obviously, I chose the beach farm when 1.5 came out on the...
  8. Switch [BUG] Lots of bugs in 1.5

    Not sure if this is just the beach farm but I've noticed a fair amount of bugs on the switch since I updated the game last night. Overall I still love the game and the update added things I am really excited for but Can't place torches in the mines Can't plant trees or fruit trees in sand or...
  9. BringsTheSnow

    PS4 [BUG] Tools destroying tree seeds after 1.5 update.

    I just updated to 1.5 and am playing on PS4. When I try to dig up any tree seeds on my farm they are destroyed. Before I updated, if the seed had not sprouted yet then it was able to be dug up. I tried the next morning (in game) and had no problem. I even tried diging them up with different...
  10. PC Cave overlaps Windmill on Beach Farm

    It's really minor but I figured I'd post it. v1.5.4
  11. PC [BUG] Catching freshwater fish on Beach Farm

    I am playing a multiplayer game and just reached Fall of year 1. I caught a Smallmouth Bass (freshwater fish) while fishing on our Beach Farm. I do have mods installed, not sure if that could be affecting it.
  12. KDashing

    PC HELP! BUG? Recipes from Farming Skill 6 not learned?

    Hi! So, I started up a single-player beach farm on my laptop, and I'm on the 25th of Summer. I got to level 6 at some point, but the notification never triggered and I didn't learn the cheese press of hardwood fence recipes. Is this a bug, or am I losing my mind? I included screencaps I thought...
  13. PC [BUG] Beach Forageables on Beach Farm are base quality (home, not Ginger)

    Running 1.5.3, PC, Steam, English, single-player, no mods though SMAPI is running. I've found a bug thread about an issue like this on Ginger Island Farm, but this is happening to me on the *home* farm (I chose the new beach farm). I wasn't able to find any threads about this one. Forage that...
  14. PC [BUG] 1.5 Spouse watering

    Spouse watering crops isn't working on beach farm. Screens below. Mods: Content patcher SMAPI Seasonal Outfuits
  15. Finnian

    PC [BUG] Not catching any fish on Beach Farm (1.5.1)

    I have stopped catching fish entirely on the beach's been weeks since I've seen a single bite. At first, I was just catching 12-15 pieces of trash, about 4-5 crab pot fish/seaweed and maybe 3 fish per sdv day, but now I'm not catching any fish at all. I've tried fishing off the dock...
  16. Solved (1.5 PC Bug) Beach Farm Loot Crate Not Appearing

    It is Spring 24 and I haven't had a loot crate yet. I have played Beach farm on other files and I usually get one closer to every other day. What gives? My only thought is that I got the giant meteor on the 3rd or so day on the beach... and maybe the game thinks it is the loot crate and it...
  17. PC [BUG] Stuck in map when entering farm beach from woods

    Even with no mods installed, if I enter the farm beach from the bottom coming from the woods I get stuck somewhere in the map and pressing no buttons work or allow me to move forward or back, pressing left to right allows me to move the map back and forth but the character is no where to be...
  18. PC [BUG] Bug With Crab Pots on the Beach Map

    I started a co-op game with a friend on the new beach map. When I placed 3 crab pots in the beach area behind my house, I noticed they went into the water weird and now I can't take them out or put bait in them.
  19. PC Beach Farm Fishing

    So, on previous farms, if you fished in any of the small bodies of water, I noticed I was more likely to catch trash or algae. This made sense to a degree on the other farms, but I feel like I'm not catching many different fish in the water on the beach farm and am mostly catching trash, aside...
  20. Solved I can't put sprinkler on the beach map

    It didn't take much that I started playing And I thought the 1.5 map was beautiful But when trying to put a sprinkler in the plowed sand It tells me that it is not compatible terrain is this normal or is it a Bug?