1. Sleepy_Knight

    Android [BUG] Missing Items in Artifacts Collection

    Hi. Both my Nautilus Fossil and Amphibian Fossil are missing from my character's artifact collection! I have collected them repeatedly and have placed them Museum.
  2. CherryLeafy101

    Solved Possible Problem with Increased Artifact Spot Mod?

    EDIT: It was my mistake, not the mod. Despite checking my collections tab and the museum collection, I somehow missed that I hadn't donated a Prismatic Shard. Once I found and donated one everything worked as normal. I'm not sure if the mod I used broke my game or the game bugged out on its...
  3. fajrulfalah93

    Android [BUG] Artifacts and Mineral Inventory Tab Error

    I found a bug in my Android game, in the inventory artifact section, where the status of artifacts that have been obtained remains invisible ('???'). There are items in Fairy Jewelry, Ancient Swords, Nautilus Fossils, and Amphibian Fossils. In contrast, in the mineral inventory section, mineral...
  4. redbobcat

    Tip: Museum artifacts and minerals list

    Use the image below, borrowed from this wiki page, as a reference when donating items to the museum. Placing the artifacts on tables in exactly the same order will make it easier to see what is still missing. List of all artifacts and where you most likely to find them. List of all minerals...