Unofficial mod updates


Updated Skill Prestige mod. For the addons like Luck/Cooking/Magic use these downloads as I didn't change that.


This is just a fix for the resizing issue if you change the zoom or UI. Aka, the buttons "don't work" and the windows appear in the wrong location.
I might've missed a few windows, but I doubt it.

The source doesn't contain the updated project stuff because I didn't cleanly integrate dependencies resolving.
Is anyone still updating this? I noticed that the prestige icons change position based on pinch zoom level in Android making them appear off-screen when zoomed out too far. Also when using CJBcheats to raise levels to 5 or 10 the profession perk is non-selectable and the only way to get past the dialogue is using the virtual keyboard.
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Going through trying different mods on the newest SMAPI restricted. Here's some mods that haven't worked for me so far:

  • Alternative Textures
  • Content Code
  • Better Artisan Goods
  • Content Code
  • Custom Crafting Station
  • Custom Companions
  • PFMAutomate
  • Produce Framework
  • Shop Tile Framework
  • Slime Mayonnaise
  • Stardew Valley Expanded

I'll come back and update it more as things are updated / I test more mods :)


I remember seeing an unofficial update a while ago, but it seems to have been taken down.
I made an FS conversion for them as well, I'll send you them privately if you want!

Edit: Links to the packs are available in the comment section on Nexusmods :laugh:
May i get the conversion pls, tysm 🥹


Oh, that's weird. I didn't change anything with the dialogue. I just changed the festival positions and spouse room to be loaded with Content Patcher instead of TXML. I have adjusted the IDs for the dialogue, but I'm not sure if that will fix it.
I am getting an issue where it is telling me that the Schduel is not working more precisely. " ---> FileNotFoundException: Could not find file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Content\Strings\schedules\Shiko.xnb'." It doesn't break the game but I can't talk to her in certain places.


The only portrait mods that I've been able to find that were close to Baechu's were all on Naver. I know of only one artist similar to Baechu from Naver who also publishes on Nexus but they've only posted one of their portraits so far: rhdawn4512 (their name on Naver is "nickname in use")

If it helps, they've given permission for redistribution of their portrait mods on Naver as long as credit is given so I can share their mods if you like their style.

Unfortunately Baechu stopped posting new characters last time I checked Naver. I'm also missing the same villagers you are and had to find other mods to fill in the gaps.
So sorry for the late reply! I haven't been on here for a while since I've been taking a break from SDV, but I started the game up again today, and almost immediately remembered my question since I interacted with a character that still had a vanilla portrait.. You are an absolute lifesaver! The creator you linked has a portrait mod that covers almost all of the missing ones I need! That's super exciting and I can't wait to use them :) Thank you again!

EDIT : I also thought I should just ask if you have a portrait mod that has portraits for Martin and Suki since those are the only 2 characters I'm missing now. If not, then that's completely fine, I just wanted to cover all my bases lol.
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I've just released another new update for Secret Garden Farmhouse, which makes it compatible with my Permanent Cellar mod. I have now uploaded it to Nexus so future updates will uploaded there.

New Update:



Could anyone please update Better Doors by CatCattyCat? The 1.0.3 pathos version doesnt allow for transparent doors with the way that its coded. I spoke to Cat and they do not mod anymore and does not remember how it is even coded. It draws the 2nd frame of the the door animation over the 1st static frame on the top tile which doesnt look right. Im not sure it could be fixed to look correct when static. This is a gif of the issue i took.


I have a fully fixed up CP version of Prismuth's Compact Bathroom

If you find Spouse Rooms/Cellar stairs disappearing then use my Farmhouse Fixes mod which stops that from happening

Is there a special way this is supposed to be installed? I have it in my game, it shows up on Generic Mod Config Menu, and I set it to be available before 1st house upgrade, but it's not there in my house.


Can I request some unofficial updates please?
Multiple Spouses
Quest Framework
Stardew Valley Expanded
Generic Mod Config Menu
Isa's Yandere Sebastian Dialogue Expansion
Thanks in advance!


Would someone be able to take a look at the Pokemania mod, have noticed a bug where the letter to start the Initiation quest for the Adventurer's Guild doesn't get delivered cause it gets overridden by a letter to deliver a Corphish (Lobster I assume) to Gus. Mod hasn't been updated since September and some people have also posted about it but no response from the modder. Also the mod gets read by SMAPI as version 2.1.4 even though most recent version is listed as 3.1.6.
I made a Content Patcher update for the Better Oasis mod! No longer do we have to suffer a bright pink building in the middle of an otherwise normal desert. I also added mod options for swapping between the original maker's recolor of the skylight reflections, along with my own attempt at it and a third option to just remove the reflection of the upper part of the building entirely. Honestly, I think the no-reflection option looks the best, but the default is set to be the original artist's version since this isn't really my mod. Obviously, this now requires Content Patcher to use, and probably the Generic Config Menu mod as well. You might be able to configure it manually by altering the config file with either "original", "new", or "none" though.

I also made an additional patch for SVE with custom-made recolors for the additional walls and stepping stones. Had to break it into four parts to fit on this site, just extract them all to your mods folder after installing SVE and it'll work fine.

Hope you all enjoy!


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Elevator Updated Version with Bug Fixes to Work with SDV 1.5.6 and HarmonyLib 2.2.2!

Hey fellow modders and Stardew Valley enthusiasts,

I'm excited to share some recent improvements to the Elevator mod by ilyaki. After discovering some bugs in the existing version, I took it upon myself to not only fix those issues but also enhance the some code.

Elevator Original Mod Link
Previous Unofficial Update by KokiriChild

Changes Made:
  1. Fixed existing bugs.
  2. Improved lines of code for better performance.
  3. Updated HarmonyLib to version 2.2.2 for enhanced compatibility.
I've made the source code available on my GitHub Repository, so you can dive in and see the changes I've implemented. Your feedback is invaluable, so please feel free to open issues or pull requests if you have suggestions or if you encounter any issues.

For those who encountered problems with the unofficial update provided by KokiriChild, I hope this version resolves any issues you may have faced.

Thank you for your support, and happy farming!

Best regards, dailyxcz


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Is there a special way this is supposed to be installed? I have it in my game, it shows up on Generic Mod Config Menu, and I set it to be available before 1st house upgrade, but it's not there in my house.
Nope no special way to install, there should be a door you can enter at the back of the farmhouse