Unofficial mod updates


I've noticed that the unofficial Prestige patch for the Magic Skill mod doesn't work right. I've tried clicking ok in the prestige menu to prestige it but it doesn't work.


I don't know if anyone here can do this or not, but I would be grateful for forever if someone here knew how to and could possible turn Magica Trees into an AT mod/conversion? I want to be able to use multiple tree mods and this is one of my favorites, but I can't use it as it with my other favorites... Thank you in advance if anyone can do it, or already has it tucked away somewhere!


Here's Reset Terrain Features 1.0.2 fixed for Stardew v1.5, uploaded with Mabel's permission. It's closed source, so this is based on decompiling the DLL, tweaking a few incompatible uses of enumerators, and recompiling it.
I used this mod to reset the bushes by Clint's, but now all the bushes in the town are shaking. Is there a fix for this?


Is there a way someone can update Trent's New Animals to the unofficial BFAV update? I'd post a link but the mod got taken down


Can anyone help make an update for Fertilizer Anytime to fix the bug where the fertilizers are gone when the plants died whenever a new season come? It seems to stay that way even if i remove the mod. I've posted a comment about that in the mod page but the creator doesn't seem to be active since 2021