Question Trying to delete the signposts (interaction, sprite, collision)


I'm a new modder. I found a mod on Nexusmods that simply shifted the signpost by the bus stop up one tile, and the author said it was very easy to do yourself, so I wanted to try it myself.

I've unpacked the files, gotten Tiled, and now I'm stuck. I played around a bit in Tiled but was only able to delete the TileData for the signpost (I guess making it non-interactable?), but I'd like to completely erase the signpost if possible, including its collision.

How do I do this? Can I somehow edit a spritesheet to replace the signpost with a clear image (making it transparent; invisible), or delete it altogether? I'm guessing the sprite just sits on top of the sprite for the ground, so deleting the signpost sprite shouldn't affect the terrain underneath it, right? If it would, I was thinking of replacing its sprite with a transparent image somehow.

Then there's the collision. I found some function in Tiled to highlight collision, but I couldn't figure out how to delete it.

Help is greatly appreciated. Maybe this could be the start of making more complex mods. Thank you in advance.
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Editing pngs won't affect collision at all, because those are basically just the textures for the area, while the map handles the layout of all of the tiles. You'd normally only need to edit sprites if you were doing a recolor of some kind, since even adding custom tiles to a map should really be done with a new spritesheet instead of an edit of a vanilla one.

The TileData is on an object layer, while the sign tile is on a tile layer. I really recommend checking out the Maps page on the wiki, especially the section on basic concepts, which explains what the different layers are for. Clicking the visibility on and off for the different layers can help start getting an idea of what kinds of things are on them :) The top of the sign should be on the front layer, and the bottom of it on the Buildings layer. Since it's not overlapping with anything else, you should be able to just use the eraser tool in each spot (on the right layer) to remove the sign.

Collision in Stardew Valley is basically just "if it is on the Buildings layer, you cannot walk through it unless otherwise noted with a special property" hehe.


I'm having a similar problem (so I hope you don't mind my asking here). I downloaded the same mod Hithae is referring to, and it works fine but my issue is with editing the map to remove a pesky rock along the lower fence line. I've read through the wiki and Tiled's user manual but I just can't seem to get rid of it. It's on the building layer, I can change the tile to look like grass, but I cannot seem to get rid of the collision. :(



You shouldn't be changing the tile to look like anything, but erasing it from the buildings layer altogether. Any tile on Buildings, even if it is completely invisible, is still "there" as far as the game is concerned. The grass is already present on the Back layer.