Switch Switch Rarecrow Bug


Hi! I joined mostly to report this.
Im on year 11 on my switch save. 99% on true completion (one recipe and one crafting item aware). Full museum etc etc

I have 7 rarecrows (some a couple of times over) and I know i got the 8th (actually #8 - the pumpkin one) I remember having it.

I have on occasion accidentally exploded part of my farm and i think one of those times I might have lost the pumpkin rarecrow.

Checking the wiki its not nessecarry to have all 8 placed to earn the deluxe scarecrow recipe (my final one for true completion) but i dont seem to have it despite it being impossible that i didnt collect #8

Naturally as im on switch i cant even use a mod to spawn one in. Just a quick report more than anything - hoping getting a replacement at the night market (im in spring annoyingly) will fix it but just as an FYI :)