Naming your animals... do you use patterns?


Do any of you use patterns in naming your critters?
For instance, in one game save, all my lizard names began with L and had some odd accented vowel at random.
Sheep I like to name for sheep breeds: Merino, Polwarth, Border Leicester, Blue-Faced L (Leicester but it gets long); Valois, Soay, Targhee, Churro, Dorper, Suffolk, Fresian, Cheviot, Jacob (those are the ones with All The Horns), Corriedale, Cormo, Cotswold...
Goats get named for goat noises, when I ran out of breeds I knew, past Nubian, Saanen, Barbary, Fainter, give way to Bêéée, Bleat, and Aaaahz



My pet dog or cat and my horse get named after a unique or exotic fruit such as Kiwi, Kumquat, Mango, etc to keep with the farming theme. I used to do the same with coop and barn animals but that got to be too much so now I just use the first random name that I like. Plus I usually sell them when winter begins so I lose the name anyways till buying/incubating new ones in time for spring.

lilan castel

I always buy animals in pairs. I give them names based on the show: "steven universe" every pair gain a name of a ship. for example I gave my ducks the names: Steven and Coonie


My dog and/or cat gets mostly names of pets I had in my life. The horses name is Plötze. German name for the horse of Gerald of Rivia from The Witcher-Game.

chicken: the first two are always Babette and Evelyn for rl-reasons.
ducks: I select only for the first one a name and I keep it. I raise them with incubator and sell them afterwards, no special names for them.
lizard: Dragonnames from World of Warcraft
cows, sheep and goats: named after people in my neighborhood. ;)
pigs: varying from playthrough to the next, depending on my mood.

Lew Zealand

I do word association on the suggested names from the game so I end up with random nonsensical names like Nardole, Boomchicka, Quackers, Bugblatter, Tushie, Shesaquack, Trilop, PineNut, Snickers, Caramello, Fabio, Satsuma, Butthead, Canard (not a duck), Birdo, and Wombat.