Interior My Beach House


WOW. This is so cool! The pathing across the "water" is super creative. It's all beautiful, but I think my favorite part is that lower room as a bedroom with the sand floor and the palms. Great use of materials and space, really well done.
Glad you all like it! I like the bedroom too, it definitely turned out better than I expected. Now I'm just experimenting a bit with the lighting to get that night in the tropics look (a.k.a. "Can we get this room dim enough to actually get some sleep?").


This is awesome! I see you have a painting of a canoe, how did you get your hands on it? I really like it.

Lew Zealand

That looks fantastic! I love it!

But but but... you missed one teensy little bitty thing--

You hair needs to be green with a light brown shirt and then we all can play Where's FarmerWithCoffee?


So cool! Love how you scattered the fish tanks around... I have that lower room with 8 (or 10?) tanks, but this seems much cozier than turning one room into a fish museum!


Thank you for sharing this! I am NOT a creative person and rely on ideas I see here to decorate. I'm ashamed to say it never occurred to me to move the master bedroom to the extra southern room. I assume this can be done without mods?
I assume [moving the bed to a different room] can be done without mods?
Yep, you can move and remove it like any other piece of furniture. I used to use the 2nd-floor center room as the master bedroom, but I wanted a bigger park.

I see you have a painting of a canoe, how did you get your hands on it?
It's apparently beach-farm exclusive; the map includes a secret tunnel in the SW that opens onto the water and you can fish the picture up from there.