Art Moor's Artwork

What would you like to see more?

  • Fanart of cartoon.

  • Fanart of movie.

  • Fanart of game.

  • Fanart of other people's original character.

  • Fanart of something exist in real life.

  • Fanart of my own original character (lol, they don't call it fanart then).

  • Other things?

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I think I've been quite a while here, so... I think I will share my art here too. I usually draw anything (literally anything...) that I think it's fun to draw. It's not so fancy or amazing, but here it is.

Bertha Starluck

She is my latest art. She is not my original character, but someone else's OC. So this is a fan art of her.
Nice! I like your style :)
Thanks! XD
Great artwork! I didn't vote in the poll because I'd rather you draw what you want to :)
Thank you!!

Don't worry, the poll is not that important ('cause I usually draw according to what my head is hyping at). I just want to know what most people are interested at.
i love how clean your style is! it looks great!
Thanks! :D

I am still trying to improve myself everyday.