1. kayden

    Art im trying my best

    i dunno how threads work but if i figure it out i'll use this as an art thread anyways i tried drawing haley :D
  2. Nunnya business

    Art My first ever stardew valley drawing

    So I tried to draw a junimo, since I can’t draw people that well. So I just went for some apple boy. It’s the first drawing or doodle or anything art related to stardew valley I’ve made.
  3. staubmotte

    Custom Character / NPC idea of mine.

    I got a fever: #modding #stardewvalley 👩‍🌾 Here is my #custom #character I'm working on. I got much to do in this project of mine and I hope that I can finish it soon and it'll work for #smapi 🤞
  4. staubmotte

    My little self at the Stardew Valley Fair :3

    Hope Sebby will like it tihi
  5. staubmotte

    Art Drew my little farmer self :)
  6. JoxxDraws

    Art Chicken Man take by the hand

    i'm a simple shane fanboy i see funny chicken shirt online i draw him in it
  7. piratebarbarian

    Art Siru's SDV Art Thread

    I have no idea how much art I'll actually end up making, but hey, might as well slap this one drawing here for now. I was in the mood for doodling, so I drew up a quick drawing of my farmer (or farmsona, whichever name you prefer), Siru, just chilling with her grumpy old cat, Haiku. Siru rarely...
  8. piratebarbarian

    Art Siru's Art Corner

    Idk man, I have a lot of art that I haven't really gotten around to posting anywhere (and some I have but that I'm really unabashedly proud of anyway), so... maybe I'll just drop it all here? Hopefully at least someone finds it interesting lmao (art is under spoilers because... I don't know, I...
  9. Chililover

    Art Sdv art challenge( round three finishing, judging has begun joinanytime!) :3)

    CLARIFICATION: you can join anytime you want, even if we are in the middle of a round, or halfway through the contest, even if we're on round 3 you can still join, there is a different winner for each round (unless someone wins every round lol!) So feel free to join anytime!! Hey artists! :leah...
  10. Chililover

    [Art] would you rather not be able to draw on paper or not be able to use drawing device?

    Probably for me I would choose #1 I could scribble on stone tablets, or in the dirt. It would take hours But better than no pen or pencil lol! I suppose you could do finger paints, or dip your hands in led. Haha! You could also cut your fingernails to be pointy and dip them in powdered led...
  11. Purrrrfect

    Thank you all for helping me decide, here is my farmsona!

    Thank you once again to everyone. Greetings and good game. Purrrrfect.
  12. Chililover

    Art Pixel art work thread

    This thread is for pixel art that isn't related to stardew! I have a stardew related pixel art thread in fan works forum!
  13. Chililover

    Art Chili's art thread!

    This is some of my pixel art, it was originally supposed to be a pattern but I think is worthy of a thread (The junimos i did not draw, or the trees!) The first two are just patterns Junimos star and bundle is from the sprite set of...
  14. WIP More Fences

    Welcome to More Fences! A Stardew Valley mod by BarelyGood, leveraging the JSON Assets Framework This thread will cover the progress on the mod as I work on it. The mod uses an early version of JSON Assets 1.7 and so, this mod should be available for download following the release of the 1.7...
  15. Quillmagic

    Art Quill’s SDV art thread

    Started an art thread! Here’s Faylin and her cat Misty!
  16. vespertines

    Art 🌟 Stardrop 🌟

    Been learning how to do digital illustration and this is my first proper illustration. Not quite good but it's a good start :junicheer:
  17. StardewWizard

    Art Junimo!

    I am learning how to do digital art, and i drew a junimo! He a lil bebe boi.
  18. Moor Oakheart

    Art Moor's Artwork

    I think I've been quite a while here, so... I think I will share my art here too. I usually draw anything (literally anything...) that I think it's fun to draw. It's not so fancy or amazing, but here it is. Bertha Starluck She is my latest art. She is not my original character, but someone...
  19. BoxOfMusic

    Stardew Valley Music Box videos w/ animations!

    I make music box videos of various of songs on my YouTube channel, so of course I had to make a cover of the Stardew Valley Overture! I had so much fun drawing all of the characters on the sheet and even made a little animation of my character running through Pelican Town as the song plays! My...