Lost my sword!


Not sure how - I could have trashed it by accident I guess :( Is this really bad, like have I broken the game haha or can I just get another one? Please and thanks!


Someone here once lost their sword because they died in the mines, but it was before they had access to the Adventurer's Guild. I got a good laugh out of it. Long story short they ended up using an axe or scythe or something to kill monsters in the mine until the Guild opened up.


If you have the guild open, you can buy a new one there. You can also find them fishing and you'll get more in the mines, but that is hard to do without one.

If you still have the "Kill 10 slimes to prove you're an adventurer" quest open, use the scythe to kill the green slimes. It doesn't do much damage but it works.

Axe and pickaxe also work, but the scythe does not use energy and it has a bigger hit box because of the swinging motion.