Art Leah - Digital 3D fanart


Hello everyone, wonderful community, farmers, foragers, anglers and so on.. ! :proud:
I first grabbed the game end of 2020 out of curiosity and couldn't stop playing it. I also had the chance to play it a bit before the 1.5 update, which allowed me to make 2 different playthroughs ; one during 1.4, the second one after the 1.5 release, and it's tons of fun.

Anyway, I wasn't expecting the social/love mechanics in the game to affect me in any bit, being a hardcore gamer, but it happened to be what I loved the most in Stardew Valley. I loved it so much I couldn't stop thinking about it, about all the little cutscenes which added so much depth in the characters, about the attachment you feel towards the bachelors/bachelorettes. I wanted to live in Pelican Town so hard where "everything is heart-warming" that I even ended up having a little mental breakdown (I'm okay though :happy:) !

In the end, I decided to make a 3D representation of Leah. :leah: It really is a character I grew attached to, maybe because she has this sort of happy innocence while being very mature at the same time, I loved her story, and I sort of identified myself to her, being an artist. I also ended up being married to her in my first playthrough, which helped me to decide which character I wanted to depict.

This artwork was a huge challenge for me as I'm not very comfortable in the 3D character creation process, especially when it comes to the face. What also was both difficult and interesting, was to design her clothes with the references I had, directly picked from the game. I know there are two main factions concerning her clothes ; the first one thinks she has a shirt and the pink/brown pixels represent her buckle and belt, the second one thinks she has a crop top and so the pink/brown pixels are her belly. I decided to go with the first one ; it also helped me give her a modern/city-dweller look with the green coat I created. I wanted to depict her being a resourceful, DIY look, but also with a "comfortable in the city" look.

This project almost took me a month and a half until I called it finished. I learnt a lot in the process, in some 3D-specific areas.
Here are some technical informations -> The project was created using Blender 2.83 for the modeling/rendering, ZBrush for the sculpting, Substance Painter for the texturing, and Adobe Photoshop for post-processing. I rendered the artwork in Blender, Cycles, 3000 Samples in various resolutions, with up to 3200x3840. I invite you to check the Artstation project for more renders, especially AO pass renders and Wireframe views ->

I also would like to thank Eric Barone for the wonderful game he has created, which deeply touched me and helped me get through this damn Covid19 crisis by brightening my days in Pelican Town. Thank you. Peace :heart:



All you need is a 3D printer and you can start merchandising for Ape!
I didn't think about it, too bad I have no 3D printer ! :laugh:

Great job with this! The time you put in definitely shows in the final product! :iristar:
Thanks a lot, I'm glad you like it ! I really wanted to make an artwork out of the game as a way to express my attachment to the game.

Thank you both for your comments :proud: