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Please report the errors you find here!

Please include:

  • The exact text or a screenshot of it, so translators can find the line.
  • Which platform are you playing on (e.g. Linux, macOS, Windows, PS4, etc)?
  • Which game version do you have? (Click the "?" button on the title screen and check the bottom-left corner.)


This post summarizes obvious issues in Japanese text based on the previous thread, reviewing the game code, and changes in the upcoming Stardew Valley 1.6. Feel free to mention any other issues in new posts below.

(Issues in purple affect most or all languages.)

Pre-existing issues
  • In Strings/Buildings, missing translations for Paint_Region_Building and Paint_Region_Trim (building paint menu region names).
  • In Data/ExtraDialogue, possibly incomplete translation for SummitEvent_Intro_Spouse (original is "Hey, @", translated as just "@").
  • In Data/Events/BusStop, missing translation in event 9581348 for Shane's lines starting with "Hey, I've been meaning to say...".
  • In Data/Events/Farm, missing translation in event 980558 for Gus saying "Good morning!".
  • In Strings/StringsFromMaps, missing translation in MovieTheater_Morris for "Whaa...?" entry. (This is an interrupted "what?", not a sound.)
  • In Data/hats, missing translations for item #36 (Panda Hat).
  • In Data/BigCraftablesInformation:
    • Missing name translation for item #264 ("Heavy Tapper").
    • The description for item #165 (Auto-Grabber) is outdated. The English text was changed in 1.4 to say "must be placed inside a coop or barn" instead of "works for cows, sheep and goats" (e.g. it also works for rabbits now).
  • In Strings/Shirts, missing translation for IslandBikini_*.
  • In Strings/Weapons, missing translation for GalaxyHammer_Name ("Galaxy Hammer").
  • In Data/mail, the willyBackRoomInvitation letter is missing the mail name (after "[#]" in the original text).
  • In Characters/Dialogue/*, missing MovieInvitation translation for Evelyn, George, Kent, Linus, Pam, Pierre, Robin, Willy, and Wizard.
  • In Characters/Dialogue/Emily, the translation for winter_Tue4 ("今のあなたって、 すばらしい 牧場主だと 思うわ!") doesn't match the original text ("I think my hair is frozen solid...$s").
  • In Characters/Dialogue/MarriageDialogueKrobus, the translation for Rainy_Day_4 is missing the second half of the text ("#$e#They say it's a condition of my people").
  • In Strings/Characters, missing translations for MovieInvite_Spouse_*.
Secret notes:
  • In Data/SecretNotes, the translation for entry #1009 is missing the newer enchantments.
  • In Strings/credits, missing translations for link text at the bottom.
  • In Strings/StringsFromCSFiles, missing translations for:
    • JunimoNoteMenu.cs.10786 ("We the Junimo are happy to aid you").
    • Utility.cs.5718 and many entries after it (song titles);
    • TitleScreenMenu.cs.11785 ("by ConcernedApe");
    • Slots.cs.12117 and Slots.cs.12118 ("Bet10" and "Bet100");
    • SlayMonsterQuest.cs.13732 ("squirmers");
    • SlayMonsterQuest.cs.13733 ("wigglers").
  • In Strings/UI, missing translation for DisplayAdjustmentText ("Press up/down to adjust the screen size to fit your display").

New in Stardew Valley 1.6
  • In Strings/StringsFromCSFiles, missing translation for PurchaseAnimalsMenu.ChooseLocation (used when buying animals if you have animal buildings in multiple locations).
  • In Strings/Buildings:
    • Missing translation for BuildingSkinMenu_ChooseAppearance (used when choosing a building skin).
    • Missing translation for Construction_ChooseLocation (used in the carpenter menu when multiple locations allow buildings).
  • In Data/BigCraftablesInformation, missing translations for item #221 (Item Pedestal).
  • In Data/ObjectInformation:
    • Missing translations for all items with category Litter -999.
    • Missing translations for item #742 (Haley's Lost Bracelet).
  • In Strings/Objects, missing translation for:
    • CactusSeedsOutside.
  • In Strings/Shirts, shirts with male/female variants have been split into separate items, with an (M) or (F) suffix in the name. These should be translated if needed.
  • In Strings/StringsFromCSFiles, missing translations for:
    • FarmComputer_Intro_* (the title shown in the Farm Computer summary);
    • Attack_Miss (short text shown near monster when an attack misses).
  • In Strings/Characters:
    • Review the Relative_* translations (which were based on the old Data/NPCDispositions).
  • In Strings/Locations, missing translation for Backwoods_MonsterGrave.
  • In Strings/UI, missing translations for...
    • AGO_LegacyRandomization and AGO_LegacyRandomization_Tooltip (shown in advanced game options UI).
    • NextPage and PreviousPage (used when paginating the location choices when multiple locations allow buildings).
    • Carpenter_ChangeAppearance (button text to change the player skin, shown in the carpenter menu & building paint menu).
    • Item_CantBeUsedHere (shown when rain totem is used in a disallowed location context (like the desert), and may be reused in the future).
  • Strings/WorldMap (new asset)
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Here are previous user reports that still apply in Stardew Valley 1.5.6 and 1.6-alpha (and aren't covered above). Note that it's up the translators to decide whether reports are correct.

The translation of Bone Mill is wrong. It's the name of a different piece of furniture. [edit by Pathoschild: in Data/BigCraftablesInformation]
Year 1, Day 2, Caroline
The kanji in the dialogue should be changed from "来て (come)" to "着て (wear)."
This error likely occurred due to both kanji being phonetically identical in this case.
I have not played the English version yet, but the meaning of the text should be along the lines of:
"Hmm... what should I wear to today's aerobics class?"
View attachment 3334
Flounder's detail is not natural.
Please change
"それは下に住んでいるので、両目は上にあります。" => "地底に住んでいるので、両目は上にあります。
" I use Flounder page in English Wiki(https://stardewvalleywiki.com/Flounder) as reference.
Some parts of Leo's 6-heart event are not in Japanese script: Linus says "Wait", "Leo" and "Special" in Latin script. [edit by Pathoschild: in Data/Events/IslandSouth]
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In Data/ObjectInformation.ja-JP.xnb (replaced by Strings/Objects.ja-JP.xnb in v1.6) the translation for "roe" is "明太子". Apparently a better translation might be "魚卵 ".

From https://ja.stardewvalleywiki.com/魚卵

日本語版のゲームデータ内(\Data\ObjectInformation.ja-JP.xnb)では、魚のいる池から採れた魚卵全般のことを指す名前として「明太子」が使われています。明太子とは普通このゲームには存在しない魚、タラ (codfish)の卵の調味済みの食材のことを指します。ゲーム本編にはこの名前は一切登場しません。

Translation (thanks to deepl online translator):
In the Japanese version of the game data (Data\ObjectInformation.ja-JP.xnb), the name "cod roe" (明太子) is used to refer to all fish roe from fish ponds. Mentaiko (明太子) refers to seasoned cod (codfish) roe, a fish not normally found in the game.
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I'm playing on Windows, game version 1.5.6.
I noticed a translation error in Shane's dialogue during the Night Market.

English: I'm taking a night off from the saloon for Jas' sake...
Japanese: ジャスが休みをくれたんだ、酒場の仕事は今夜はなしさ

This translation implies that Jas gave Shane the night off, rather than Shane taking a break for Jas' sake.
To fix the original meaning while maintaining a sense of Shane's personality, I'd suggest the following translation:

I'll try to post more corrections if I see them in the future!



I'm playing on Windows, game version 1.5.6.
I noticed another translation error.

English: Stone Cairn
Japanese: 石のカイム


It appears that the 'rn' part of cairn was mistaken for an 'm,' leading to what translates to 'caim.'
However, there is no such word as 'カイム' in Japanese, and it seems to have been translated directly from this misreading.
'Cairn' is generally translated in Japanese as 'ケルン,' so '石のケルン' might be a better translation.

I'll try to post more corrections if I see them in the future!


I'm playing on Windows, game version 1.5.6.
I noticed another translation error in the dialogue when Haley is taking a photo.

English: Haley's too involved with her camera to notice you.
Japanese: ハーレイは写真を撮るのに夢中だ。

In all other dialogues, her name is translated as "ヘイリー (Heiri)" in Japanese, but in this particular dialogue, it's translated as "ハーレイ (Harei)."
In this case it's more than a plain typo, as the name Haley was transliterated directly based on the way it is spelled rather than how it sounds.

Also, the part 'to notice you' is missing in this translation, so I'd suggest the following translation:

I'm going to keep posting corrections if I see them!



Hi, I'm playing on Windows version 1.5.6. I noticed that the neutral luck forecast seems to say that the spirits feel "natural" (自然) instead of "neutral." (Compare to the English version, "The spirits feel neutral today. The day is in your hands.")



In Strings/Characters.ja-JP.xnb

missing translation for
MovieInvite_Spouse_* (* =Character name)



Characters - Dialogue
"MovieInvitation" lines are not translated

Strings - Characters
"MovieInvite_Spouse_" lines are not translated

Strings - UI
"AGO_LegacyRandomization" and "AGO_LegacyRandomization_Tooltip" are not translated


Changes to Secret Notes and Journal Scraps are not reflected.
The following text is not reflected:

Secret Note#24
Also, it's said that raisins are their favorite food, but they are too shy to take them directly from the hand.

Journal Scrap#7
Note 2: 'Innate Enchantments', (meaning those powers that sometimes appear on weapons when you first acquire them), can also be added or re-discovered using a Dragon Tooth. It's theorized that this cannot be done to weapons above a certain caliber.^^Tools can only be enchanted, not forged.

Journal Scrap#8
Master: Increases fishing level.^^Auto-Hook: Automatically hooks fish when they bite.^^Preserving: Bait and tackle have a 50% chance to not be consumed.

Journal Scrap#9
Aye... stones as big as 'ones' and stones as big as 'fives' were they...