Hi there!

Hi, I'm Angela from Germany, playing SDV for about 18 months now, that is 1800 in-game hours - so much for addiction. I'm into hand embroidery, actually, and I make my living with literary translations, but at times I neglect it all reprehensibly for the virtual world of Stardew and Stardrops, because ... well, living there it's so much easier and funnier and so much more rewarding than in RL. Isn't it?
Thank you all for the warm welcome!

I can honestly see Marnie playing Stardew instead of running the counter
Haha, surprise! The microwave is actually a computer! 😜

Wow, that's some impressive time in on your game!
Yeah, I don't know where the amount of hours comes from either. I'm sure GOG Galaxy counts them twice. 😁

Would you be able to name one of the things you like most about Stardew Valley that draws you back in each time?
I think it's the never-finished vision of my perfect garden. And the new quests since 1.5. If there's always something new to discover, you just have to keep coming back.


Hi and welcome to the forums! I do cross stitch myself, which I believe is similar to embroidery. If you ever have any creations to show us, you can put them in the "Fan Works" or "Creative" sections here on the forums (depending on what your art is of) and I'm sure everybody would love to see them!


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Welcome Angela! Working on literary translations sounds pretty interesting.