PC [HELP] (Mac) Stardew Valley Bugging Out

First off, I'm using a Macbook Air, with an apple M1 Chip.

My initial issue was that after playing the game a few times it either will not load and it will be stuck in the console after saying "NoFpsCap: This feature is not available"
The issue I had after that was starting the game but then it going to the game but it's a black screen and it's unresponsive. This is the error log for that, https://smapi.io/log/2883895b34334b8eb07b9f9b2e8e751d
The next thing that confuses me is the fact that after reinstalling SMAPI the game loads fine and has no errors allowing me to play but after closing and relaunching it repeats the first two errors in order until I reinstall SMAPI again to actually be able to play the game again.

I think it might be related to Stardew Valley Expanded but no one else is having this issue and I don't know where else to ask for help.

This is my first time installing mods on Stardew Valley so I honestly have no clue what I'm doing wrong.
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I'm having the same issue on the same hardware. I attempted to isolate which mod(s) were causing the launcher to hang, but launching the same set of mods twice would be fine the first time, and then hang on each subsequent launch.

I ended up downgrading back to SMAPI 13.11, you can find previous releases on SMAPI's GitHub:

Downgrading resolved the issue. This is not a long-term solution, but hopefully whatever issue is causing the launcher to hang on MacOS is fixed in a later update.

Hope that helps