PC [HELP] Game offline?


I started playing the game om my PC and I have come pretty far but sometime my steam was disconnected and nothing has saved on steam just on my PC still. I just went on a trip with my laptop and that is when I realized my game hadn't saved but kept on playing and made another world (I am connected to steam on mt laptop). Now I'm scared to log onto steam again on my PC because I don't want my first world to disappear. Can it disappear or should I do something first?


It's entirely possible for Steam to overwrite new saves with older versions if that's what it's got in "the cloud", but I don't think it normally completely deletes anything. Better safe than sorry, though! You can backup your save files manually by making a copy of them outside the saves folder. (I also turn off cloud saves to avoid issues, though I know it's a little less convenient.)