Switch [HELP] Co-op/Multiplayer combat for non-hosts issue



I was wondering if anyone else encountered this problem. When playing as a non-host, it’s practically impossible to do mines since you can’t avoid taking damage.

When fighting enemies, the weapon knock back happens late and they just slide around, causing you damage when running past you.

Slimes were annoying but could be dealt with. But now that I reached the flies enemies, there’s no way to prevent them from hitting you.

I’ve tried local and online, both behave pretty much the same.

Please point me in the direction of a thread if there is one already about this specifically. I did some searching but couldn’t find anything.
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I am also having this issue. When you are not the active host, the knockback effect doesn’t seem to act the same. Even when you hit monsters with your sword, they don’t get knocked back and still hit you. Like you said, it is something that can be overlooked in the normal mine, but it makes the Skull Cavern almost impossible.