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Can you give any drawing app and/or device suggestions for digital art? I absolutely love your art!
aw, thanks!!

i like clip studio paint a lot and it's what i've used for all the art here, it's a relatively cheap art program (compared to others) and frequently goes in sale for half price! before that i used photoshop, but it's hard to get legitimate copies of it and it's honestly not the best art program. here's a list of photoshop alternatives that are pretty well received (yellow dot is single purchase, green is free)

as for devices, i've only used wacom tablets but there are a lot of things people can use and there are a lot of great cheap alternatives. however, my experience on that is pretty limited, but i like wacom tablets since they've always lasted me a very, very long time. i'm currently using a medium wacom intuos tablet but i don't think the type i'm using is being sold anymore. i did just order a new tablet though and i'm really excited, though honestly my current tablet still works great and i'd recommend it to anybody