1. staubmotte

    And my little farmer self again n.n
  2. Chewwy97_

    Art My farmer!

    Meet Cherleane Brookes, former florist in Zuzu city and please don't be alarmed by her resting b face, she's a sweetheart. (ft. Ridgeside bachelors)
  3. staubmotte

    Custom Character / NPC idea of mine.

    I got a fever: #modding #stardewvalley 👩‍🌾 Here is my #custom #character I'm working on. I got much to do in this project of mine and I hope that I can finish it soon and it'll work for #smapi 🤞
  4. staubmotte

    My little self at the Stardew Valley Fair :3

    Hope Sebby will like it tihi
  5. staubmotte

    Art Drew my little farmer self :)
  6. n3ko_h4ckr

    drew my farmer and her wife penny!

  7. Art Made signs for our farm produce stand

    A few years ago we bought a small farm. Stardew was definitely part of the reason we bought it. This past summer we built a small produce stand to put out by one of our fields. I've already built a bigger one for this coming year, but I'm going to be keeping the signs we made. Hope everyone...
  8. redbobcat

    Art Redbobcat’s Art attempts

    Had this sketched a while ago but realized she reminds me of Evelyn. After too much espresso perhaps.
  9. Quillmagic

    Art Quill’s SDV art thread

    Started an art thread! Here’s Faylin and her cat Misty!
  10. Lewis takes a picture of the newcomer with Emily [Large image]

    A draw that I finished, what do you think? (the username is for Facebook, not Twitter)
  11. Art coldazrael's Stardew Valley Art Gallery (+Wallpapers)

    Hi everyone~ Back then when I decided to draw some stuff, Stardew Valley is the beginning of my artworks and my life as an artist. So I decided to share some of my artworks :owo:. Coffee for Husband Featuring : Farmer Amanda (Owned by DarkSerena67 from discord) and Harvey Commissioned by...
  12. strawberrymilk

    Art Penny Art (and Others Soon)!

    I'm on a mission to draw all of my fave characters and started with Penny (bc she's so cute and I love her)! I changed her shirt design a bit, but overall tried to keep it fairly canonical in terms of colors. I hope I did her justice! 🌸💕
  13. Burl

    Art Burl's first time struggles

    I just started playing SDV about 4 days ago and keeping the game away has been proven useless. I'm clueless on most thing so now I quantify my cluelessness with images. :ca: I bought my chickens in winter and couldn't figure out why they were always grumpy... Then I realised I didn't feed them...
  14. Falgeohan

    Art Stardew Valley in 3D

    First character I did is Penny, the best wife, so I'm making it my first post here! Who should I do next?
  15. Bellimoon

    Art Moon Doodles 🌙

    I haven't done a lot of fanart yet for Stardew, but I'll post them as I go! You can also find them on my twitter and tumblr accounts 🌸
  16. pumpkinpuddle

    Art art time!!

    I don’t have many sdv drawings but as I make them it would be fun to put them here! here’s a redraw of one of Harvey’s portraits I just did the other day
  17. Catniipz

    Art Some of my artworks!

    Hello~ **sorry if a gramma's bad, I'm from Thailand_(._.)_** Here's some of my SDV fan-art (and fan-comic :3 ) I hope you enjoy it❤
  18. cozy

    Art cozy's SDV art thread

    h e n l o a l l i have many stardew-related arts, mostly involving my farmer and elliott. i didn't expect to get into this game as much as i did so i didn't make any Cool OCs like most folks, my farmer's basically just Me, but i still have a lot of fun with her. apologies In Advance for the...