Forums Update: Small Changes & Some Odds and Ends

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Hi there! I hope everyone's having a great September. I blinked and we're nearly halfway through the month, wow.

Just wanted to remind you guys of a few things and let you know about small changes we've made to the forums!

:ca: First off, The 2021 Stardew Valley Cup was a blast! If you missed it, you can catch the stream recordings on Youtube and Twitch. We compiled a post here with all the links. Hope you enjoy the watch!

:cat2: Secondly, there is a Stardew Valley 1.5.5 beta that you're welcome to join via Steam. It's a technical update, so there's no additional content added. Feel free to help out Concerned Ape & Mr. Podunkian by reporting any bugs you find in the update-- you're welcome to submit a bug report thread, or reply directly in this thread. Additional information is in that thread as well!

:butterfly: Speaking of bug reports, we changed the forum name to "Help & Bug Reports (Non-Modded)" to emphasize that we only want reports for the game in vanilla. Regardless of how many or how few mods you use or what the mods are for, mods can still cause the problems you're having, so please report them in the Mod Support forum instead. Keeping the game in its original version can help the devs out a lot!

:frog: Almost-lastly, we changed the colors for moderators so they can be seen easier! There are 3 moderators (Odin, liquidcat, and Colito) so if anyone says they're a mod and they're not one of those three, then they're fibbin'

:ghost: Almost-Almost-lastly, There's a flair in Forum Feedback now when we implement some suggested changes. Woohoo!

:iristar: Lastly-lastly, we added 4 trophies and edited 1. Iridium Seal should be more reasonable now, while the other 3 trophies are related to uploading mods to the forums. We're looking into how we can make uploading mods a bit more connected and easier for SMAPI but I have no ETA on that unfortunately. We also want to add more trophies and features to the forums, and it's something we're frequently looking into. I hope you enjoy the eventual updates!

Anyhoo, that's all for now. Thanks for reading!
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