Switch [BUG] Sam won't talk to me!

Twice now. When using the Forest Farm. Every time I try to talk to him (outside a special event) he will not engage.
I'm on a Switch. Version is
This happened before, a save file from early in the summer. The current save file is maybe 3 days old.
Using the Hilltop farm, Sam was his usual chatty self.
If there were more details on the start menu (choosing a file to open) I could better tell you details of the other 'broken' file. Happy to wade through all of them for more info if it would help.
: )
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What happens when you try to talk to him?

Nothing or does he show an angry speech bubble?
He turns to face me but does not speak -- i.e. no dialog boxes, no other interaction indicated.

Although, he must have done at the very beginning because the initial "meet all your neighbors" was finished.
AND, don't know if this is related, but I just remembered... there was a request on the quest board outside Pierre's store.
I accepted it (a cute girl should bring him X item) but I think I failed to fulfill it.
(He's too easy going to hold a grudge for two years, right? ; ) )
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oh, and i can 'gift' him and he responds as usual. And we have a one star relationship.
(you reminded me that in good bug detection, it's wise to have checked all the scenarios.)
: )
and another scenario: he's standing at the bar in the saloon on W28...he does not respond and he doesn't even turn to look at me.
and by "me" I mean, the character in the game, of course. ; )