PC [BUG] Fishing Submarine Double Charged for Deep-Sea Fishing


Not a big issue, but I noticed a bug related to the submarine at the night market.

When the captain asks if you want to take the deep-sea fishing tour for 1,000g you have the standard yes/no option.
If you press Y on your keyboard he will take your 1,000g but nothing happens, you then have to click yes to move forward, and you get charged another 1,000g.

Pretty sneaky business practices there captain.


I noticed a similar thing.

I had 3800G, talked to the captain and then I got the notice that I didn't have enough money to dive. I only had 800G left, so apparently I paid three times.
At least the captain still proceeded to take me under water, but apparently the dialogue can repeat several times.


Local Legend
Yes, this is a known bug. Don't click the "Y" key. Actually click the response in the dialogue box.