iOS Advice needed!!


Does anyone with the 1.5 update (someone who plays not on mobile) know if the lost and found box can recover museum rewards? Because I primarily use mobile I have this late game save file I started and worked on for over a year preparing for the update but I accidentally deleted/lost the “Jade Hills” painting. I know you can get the extended version from the catalogue but it doesn’t fit the space I have for it. So really I just want to know if the lost and found box has deleted or “lost” museum rewards.


Staff member
Sorry for such a late reply, but unfortunately the lost and found box would not have that painting. The only way I know to get that item again on that save would be by editing the save file or moving the save to PC and inviting someone else to your farm via multiplayer to collect a second copy of the museum rewards. However, that multiplayer method would then prevent you from playing that save on mobile again until mobile receives the 1.5 update.