1. lilan castel

    Writing Lilan's short stories

    Here I'll post my stories that come in one part. A midnight stroll I can't sleep! I can't! God please let me sleep! I shouted. I had a nightmare but Lilan won't let anything to scare her! I just need a walk. I opened the door of the farmhouse. I cound only hear crickets outside. I sneaked out...
  2. lilan castel

    Writing A winter story by the dwarf

    Disclaimer: not realted for the story I sent on the offical discord! Part 1: I finally decided what to do. It might be hard but I want to. Visit the human "town". I just hope the other humans that my friend told me about won't be mean. I never told my friend about my plan. Alright I'm out of...
  3. lilan castel

    Writing Back to the future: SDV verion

    part 1: When I heard Demitrius will build something really cool and I will test it I was full of happiness! He asked from me to come to the bus stop at 1:00 a.m. I found a homeless cat and I decided to take care of him but I needed to bring him to the experiment. Demitrius brought two clocks...