Writing A winter story by the dwarf

Disclaimer: not realted for the story I sent on the offical discord!
Part 1: I finally decided what to do. It might be hard but I want to. Visit the human "town". I just hope the other humans that my friend told me about won't be mean. I never told my friend about my plan. Alright I'm out of this cave. My eyes are hurting. I see a strange yellow big ball, a splashy blue thing and a human! The human using strange white thing but I decide to approach. I do it but they notice me! With all of my will I stay there and they aren't mean at all! I was right! They ask me something but I don't understand. I point to the white thing and they say: The telescope? (I don't know what they are saying) sure. I'll show you what it is! They shows me the thing and I get what it is. I made another human friend! They take me to their cave but not a cave. What did the other human said to me? A "house"? It is warm in here and I see many technology pieces and robots. I thinks they say their name "Maru". Really strange. I touch some of thier things and they show me what they are doing! Then they take me under something and someone else enter this place. They didn't see me! When they get out they tell me with their hands the person entered to her room was her father and we need to be careful.
To be continued
Part 2: I came out from the "house" and that human waved at me. I'm not sure what she meant by that and I go to the "town". No one is here. I can breath easy now. I walk in there and I see many tall boxes with doors. like the "house". Maybe there are more? I come to a cylinder next to one of those and I dig in it. Then someone sees me. They are screaming but I don't understand. Then I see my friend. They ask me why I'm here and I tell him I wanted to see other humans. He is really mad and he distract everyone from here. He takes me back to the mines but I won't give up!
To be continued
Part 3: The other human comes to the cave. They see me and wave. They open a book and they start to talk in dwarvish. They say "Hello. My name is Maru. I'm sorry about what happened earlier but now I can take you with me. I agree but I ask if they are male of female. They say they are female. We go out of the cave and enter to town. This time there are many people around and Maru approaches to a human with orange hair. I'm not sure what she says but it distract that human. We go on and someone else looks at me. A human with tied red hair. Maru explains them that she is fine and she tells me that human was her mother. It starts to rain but I want to stay here! I never saw it before. It is strange. l feel like I am made of water. Maru wants to go back and I tell her I want to stay in the rain. She convincing me to go to the cave and we go to there. Maru get out of the cave and bring many things. She tells me that she builds gadgets and she want to show them to me. We check them and this very fun! I tell her about the ancient dwarf technology and we decide to build things every week! I made a friend that is offical!
The end!
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