please help

  1. Rose_Palitsky

    Issue Help with love of cooking and PPJA mod.

    So I have been having this issue with Love of Cooking mod where this and PPJA are apparently trying to add the same item? I am not sure what exactly is happening so thats i am asking for desperate help please! I tried to follow someone's not really proper instructions in the comment of the mod...
  2. Sylenity

    Solved Messed up resolution - Unable to reach the start menu buttons

    I was trying to set my resolution properly, but when I try loading back up to the main menu, I get this screen. I have it set to 1080p, which is my screen resolution. I've tried looking at the files, changing the launch options via steam, uninstalling and reinstalling, but nothing works. Please...
  3. Elook

    Windows Help With Connection Failed

    Connection Failed I have been playing the game with my girlfriend and it was working perfectly until about 2 days ago where now almost every time it says connection failed when trying to join the farm and the few times I have managed to get in I usually end up losing connection after about 1...
  4. Windows [HELP] My save is gone

    so i went to sleep in game and it shut down the game and deleted my safe file that i worked so hard for am i ganna need to restart?
  5. PC PLZ HELP!! my save file is corrupted or something. PC

    The game keeps crashing when I load it
  6. PC [HELP] Insert Invite Code

    when i click on co op there is no Insert Invite Code how to fix it ? it was working fine before I tried every solution on the game nothing works
  7. Xbox Help

    So my game crashed when I went to sleep and then when I came back the farm was not allowed in the multiplayer but was in the load screen but it was all blanked out no name no money no time how do I get it back cause it was me and my gf farm
  8. iOS [BUG] Maxed out luck on repeat

    My luck has been either very happy or happy for the past 3 (in game) months, im not complaining but I am a bit concerned (ape ;) ). I don’t know if this helps or not but recently I deleted the game and downloaded it again and inserted my previous game saves that I had copied and stored in...
  9. iOS [BUG] Can’t place bait into crab pots

    When I first started the game I didn’t have this problem. Now I can’t place any bait into the crab pots. I either keep “running” towards the crab pot or I pick it up and it goes back into my inventory. I also can’t set the crab pot onto the green tile that shows up for placement, I have to click...
  10. Xbox [HELP] Fern island buried walnuts not working

    So, I've looked at multiple guides and videos for the buried walnuts but no matter what I do nothing is working in any of the dig spots shown. I've been at this for a few hours now and I'm really starting to give up here, is there anyone who can tell me what's wrong?
  11. Solved [HELP] Save File Isn't Loading

    I'm on Windows, playing the most recent update. Yesterday when I tried to load up my save file (which is my first playthrough), it just wasn't there. I was helpfully directed to the troubleshooting guide on this site, and I've tried everything suggested except waiting a day or two, and nothing...
  12. iridium quality

    Can I make SDV merch?

    Hi everyone, I want to make SDV merch (stickers) and sell them on Etsy. Do I need permission or something else to do this? I would not be using the actual portraits or digital art from the game, I would draw it myself. Thanks.
  13. PC [HELP] Screen scroll turns off- Widescreen Issue

    I load up a new game. After a few minutes walking around and going to other locations, i will see a quick jerk of my screen/UI and my screen scrolling will turn completely off. So when I walk to the edge of the screen the screen don't scroll and my character is in black space. Game is...