museum collection

  1. Emiy

    Interior Started my own museum with junk from Gunther

    I just started my own museum with stuff from Gunther. A lot of stuff that he gives me is stuff that I would never put in my house so I decided to make a spot for it since it feels kinda dumb to throw it away. I have donated a lot of stuff to get it and I'm haven't even completed the collection...
  2. Tukis J

    My ideas for expanding on the game ♦1.6♦ (meuseum furniture, NPC relationships, larger funded Festivals, Costomizable exteriors, and more ..🌝)

    - :iridium: It would be awesome to have another use for the gems found in geodes, maybe we could trade them at the museum for special items, for example, 3 marble would give you a marble statue, 3 tears would give you a yeti costume, etc.. for each different geode gem you could pay 3 of that gem...
  3. MissDandy

    Missing Artifact

    So I've nearly completed the museum collection, but I can't find one thing, which is the Ancient Sword. It's the last thing I need to complete it, so I'm looking everyday in the mountains and in the forest with close to no luck. I'm in Spring, and there's just not a lot of artifact dig spots as...