1. Android Bug in the new 1.5 mobile update

    Fui até a casa de Robin para melhorar minha casa e...
  2. iOS Zoomed in game

    When i open my saved game, i’m only able to see one part of my farm thats zoomed in on and I can’t see my character, the inventory bar, or the menu button. I‘m only able to zoom in and out and move the screen but when i do that, it just takes me back to that part of my farm. I’ve tried by...
  3. Arshi®

    Potrait Mode (Mobile)

    Please add a Potrait mode settings feature for mobile version for 1 handed play bcz mobile have full touch screen so it would be more friendly for many PPL to play with one handed in Potrait mode. I'm lefty so i rotate inventory in left side to choose any object with my thumb and down bottom...
  4. Arshi®

    Feature to sit on chair, sofa, bench (Mobile)

    Please Developers Request add feature to sit on chairs, sofa, or bench like PC version in Mobile. It make user relex and make game environment more friendly Thanks 🙏
  5. Arshi®

    Things fall outside from map (Mobile)

    Sometimes things fall outside from map I'm in Mobile version and we can't pick them this happened with me manytimes i hardly found a ghost and kill him but he drop outside map i tried and force to drag but nothing working please fix it, we can say it suggestion or bug. Thanks Developers
  6. Arshi®

    Please Update Mobile Version.!!

    Please Developers update mobile version and adding sitting animation for mobile like pc we can sit in our house Chair, sofa, or bench but in mobile ver Sitting Animation i really feel missing it's not too hard to add for mobile l, i purchased though like pc but many things missing also longtime...
  7. Android Save backups glitch

    Saving a backup with any food buff and reloading it will remove the buff
  8. Igorferreira72

    Android [BUG] New Teleport Glitch funny.

    Hi everyone, I'm sharing with you a little Stardew glitch that I found, It's nothing extraordinary, just curious, but I should warn you that it's possible that this only works on Mobile. Video:
  9. Android [HELP] Incorrect season and extra mail

    I'm on the mobile version for Android, and when I opened my saved game, the season had changed. I was in winter, but this looked like spring. The calendar in my house also says winter. Also, the mailbox is completely full of mail. It's like all the letters I would have gotten throughout the year...
  10. ggaggaZe

    Question Is there a controller remapping mode?

    I checked that my small controller (zero 2) works well with Bluetooth in Mobile Stardew Valley, but I felt that remapping was necessary because the controller itself was a model that missed a few buttons. So I spent a lot of time googling and searching for GitHub, but I couldn't find that...
  11. Android Fishing Bug

    i turned off my phone while i was fishing and later i turned on it i still was fishing but this weird bug was happened
  12. Android [BUG] Mobile Version no music after update?

    Hi there! I recently (last week) started to play the game again mobile on android after resetting my phone so i had to start right at the beginning again and i noticed theres no music, rain, birds and all other effects work fine, i just dont have any music playing no matter if i save, try out...
  13. Android [Bug] Completing CC Bundles without losing the necessary items

    I was playing SV and when I went to complete the Community Center bundles I managed to mark the slots and not lose the items. I just dragged the items to the sprites that are on top of the slots, then the items returned to my inventory and when I empty-handed the slots they were marked and I...
  14. dorkydoodlebug

    Android HELP PLS

    i just got my first stardrop and completely forgot that i had set my "favorite thing" to be my partner's name (at the time) and i was wondering if there was any way to change your favorite thing on mobile? id just hate to see his name every time i got a stardrop, considering its supposed to be...
  15. Blu3b3rry

    What is this?? iOS

    I saw it a while ago but stopped playing now I’m back and still confused
  16. Colonel_C45

    iOS [HELP] Multiplayer

    Howdy. First time speaking on a forum so forgive me for any wrong formats. I was wondering if there was any form of Multiplayer for IOS users, I hadn’t been able to find an option like my cousin and some friends had told me. If there is no multiplayer is there a possibility for future...
  17. iOS [HELP!] Defense 0 attack 0 [MAJOR BUG]

    whenever i attack with my sword it does 27 or even less damage while it is supposed to do like 63-71 damage and that is because of my 2 damage boost rings without those it does 6 damage or less. ( it is the best sword called star sword or something, the one you get by using the prismatic shard...
  18. PC Help

    I moved my save file from pc to mobile and now it says files mismatched and now i lost my save file for mobile and I need to get it back so I can play my pc file on my phone I updated my phones stardew valley
  19. iOS Rarecrows Missing From Night Market//museum rewards

    I need to get rarecrow #7, which you get by donating 20 artifacts to the museum. I don’t have it, and I’ve fully completed the museum. I’m not sure if I sold it/got rid of it or if that was bugged. Either way, since I got 20 artifacts and got all my rewards from the museum, I should be able to...
  20. Solved [BUG] Music not working

    I opened the game just to encounter that the music is not working. I unistalled and installed it again and it doesn't work. I don't know what triggers the bug, but in this link https://youtu.be/tRXFobeWNxM there Is a video I recorded about an example of the bug. This happens in the latest...