1. Switch [BUG] Billboard freezes the game

    I noticed every time I go to the billboard in the community centre, when I come out of it, whether I’ve submitted and item or not, it freezes the game for no less than 2 minuets each time.
  2. PC [BUG] Unplugging headset freezes the game

    Whenever I unplug my headset and plug in my speaker (or vice versa) the game freezes and will not close. I am unable to select other programs or force close the game. The only solution is restarting the pc.
  3. PC [HELP] Lagging/Freezing on PC split screen with xbox controllers

    I'm playing (and enjoying) Stardew Valley with my GF on split screen on PC (Steam Version) but it stutteres/freezes every few minutes at random activities (walking around village, chopping wood at home parcel, in the mine etc.). We're playing with two xbox controllers (bluetooth and one wired)...
  4. Switch Online bugs

    Hello. First post here. Me and my mother are playing on two different switches, on online connection. Through the whole time we are playing, the game will freeze for maybe 5 to 10 seconds. Sometimes just on mine, or on hers. We are both connected on 5ghz, then tried 2.4, and also went hard...
  5. Switch [HELP] Switch Freezing in Multiplayer

    Split screen co op on the switch is freezing for a second randomly. Roughly every 30 seconds.
  6. brassballs

    PC [BUG] Multiplayer freezes when i sleep if player 1 levels up

    seems to be if the 1st player levels up, or if both players level at the same time at night the game softlocks, it wont let me continue past the screen telling me my rewards but allows player 2 to advance to where it says waiting for player. have tried several times and never make it past night...
  7. PC [HELP] Can't play at all, game freezes.

    So my game freezes before saving. I have tried all other fixes on the forums and nothing is working. I don't know how to get a crash report as nothing comes up at the path provided in other threads. Cannot start a new game, or save on an existing game. It completely freezes and locks up my...
  8. Switch [HELP] Multiplayer Join Crash

    Lately when my boyfriend and I got the newest update for the switch edition when we’ve tried to play multiplayer it either crashes during gameplay or doesn’t let us join each other’s game at all. At first we thought it was an internet issue but then we tried playing other games and they work. So...
  9. iOS [BUG] iPad Pro iOS crashes freezes on keyboard input #bug

    I wanted to start a new game and I can't input any text into the create a character screen. The game freezes and I have no option to do anything but close the game. This is frustrating as I uninstalled the app to see if this would help–and my all previous save data is gone. #iOSbug #crash...
  10. Journi

    Mobile [HELP] Freezing on saving..

    So I've been spending about an hour and my game keeps freezing and closing out when I try to save it, so no progress is being made, and I'm trying to get from the introduction to the actual first day with no luck. Is there anyway to fix this? I really want to play, and it's just not letting me...
  11. Celluloid

    Switch [BUG] Multiplayer game freezing every 1/2 minute(s)

    Hi! I'm playing the game (Nintendo switch) with a couple of friends since a few days, however, I'm the only one who's game is freezing for 2-7 seconds every 1 or 2 minutes. There doesn't seem to be a particularly thing happening when the freezes occur, it's just random. I'm on version...