1. vip

    Native control mapping.

    Does anyone know if they will, or when they will add some kind of key mapping natively to stardew valley mobile, I have a ps5 controller it even works in the game itself, but the fact that it doesn't have a native mapping method makes the experience with the controller somewhat bad, the keys in...
  2. Arshi®

    Potrait Mode (Mobile)

    Please add a Potrait mode settings feature for mobile version for 1 handed play bcz mobile have full touch screen so it would be more friendly for many PPL to play with one handed in Potrait mode. I'm lefty so i rotate inventory in left side to choose any object with my thumb and down bottom...
  3. (Xbox) Feature on split-screen that allows players to sign in with their Xbox/Microsoft Accounts

    On Xbox when playing split-screen add a feature that allows each Player to sign in with their Xbox/Microsoft Accounts so that each player can earn Achievements in the same game with the Host.
  4. Spouse revamp

    The current system is nice but quite primitive, they give you stuff and help a bit but nothing interesting. Marriage is already a kind of late game thing so it should be nice and fleshed out. Please post comments with suggestions and ill add them to the list. I will split this up into...
  5. Niveka

    Please Remove the 2 Player Splitscreen limit on Nintendo Switch

    I'm the only one who owns a Nintendo Switch on our Neighborhood and my friends were thrilled to have the splitscreen update!, but sadly got disappointed since on Nintendo Switch its limited to 2 players only, it kinda seems unfair since other console versions support 4 players splitscreen...
  6. Right Click to Lock Items on Hot Bar

    I have been watching a recent playthrough from Cohhcarnage. In his playthrough, he made a suggestion that right clicking your mouse on an item on your hot bar should lock it in that specific spot. (and something similar for controllers!) The sorting feature is nice, but I think having a lock...