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  1. AlexandreNoite

    Creator Response Getting friends without gifting then

    Some few effects in the game, gets you a friend for free without the need to gifting then, through events or season cards... I don't remember if there's items that does that as well. The point is: Do I still get hearts? It feels kinda weird to get a friend without hearts, but the rulebook isn't...
  2. Fan made board game spouse standees

    Hi all, Big fan of the Stardew Valley IP. I even have official plush Junimos on my christmas tree every year! I'm having a lot of fun with the board game and I'm also a board game designer/publisher. I've made a number of tweaks to the rules to better suite my game group and this is my latest...
  3. DrewzyBluezy

    Creator Response [Rules Clarification Questions] Grandpa's Goals vs. Number of Players

    Well hello! My fiancée and I dearly love the video game and just sat down to play the board game last night with just the two of us. It was very fun, but wow is it difficult! Even using the first timer standard cards we narrowly lost. I'd like to think we're pretty adept at board games of...
  4. suntood

    Clarification regarding a couple of cards and gameplay in general.

    Hey all, We hope you've been enjoying the game. My SO and I had a blast yesterday going through our first playthrough. We had a couple of questions that we couldn't clarify between ourselves during it, and I was hoping one of you could chip in with your perspective. Items (or similar...
  5. Sweet Yapple

    Invoice and Track ID

    I am willing to buy this board game, but since the shipping is available only to USA and I live in Ukraine, mail forwarding is my only option for now. To order a mail forward, I need a formal invoice and a track ID. May I get these once I order the game? Thanks in advance.