PPJA - Mizu's Flowers

JsonAssets PPJA - Mizu's Flowers 1.6.7

Do you ever tire of the limited selection of flowers in the vanilla game? Mizu's Flowers to the rescue! Adds new flowers to decorate your farm!

- Eemie (original upload)

If you would like to contribute to the project, we welcome pull requests on our Github repo! You may also submit ideas or translations there.

- This is a reupload of Eemie's version of Mizu's Flowers which is extremely outdated, 1/3 of the issues being reported with my content packs are because people installed the wrong version. This download page I can maintain myself for bugs/issues as I have done the coding for this mod.
- If the original post is updated or I can maintain it I'll remove this one

See MouseyPounds database!


- Latest version of Json Assets
- Latest version of SMAPI
- Latest version of SpaceCore
- Latest version of Mail Framework Mod (optional, to get seeds in the mail)

Step 1. Install SMAPI, Json Assets, SpaceCore, and Mail Framework Mod (optional).
Step 2. Download this mod and extract the zip file anywhere you would like. There are 2 files included in the download:

[JA] Mizus Flowers
[MFM] Mizus Flowers

Step 3. Drag & Drop the extracted folder(s) directly into the /Mods folder.

- Delete every existing item made from this mod
- Remove the corresponding folder(s) inside /Mods

If you miss any (especially in your inventory) you can crash your game.
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These flowers are lovely and really bring some color to the farm.