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This is NOT a place to request mods to be converted

Content Patcher Requests
^ This is the correct places to request things

Not sure what is in JsonAssets scope? Take a gander at the official documentation.

Any posts after this edit requesting a conversion will be deleted

Edit 9/5/2020: All of the mods posted are here are only uploaded here with permission, as such the `with permission` notation has been removed. Due to the maintainership of Yoseiri's mods this is now JA & Friends so may include Content Patcher, GetGlam, BFAV, etc.

Each download is separate, pick accordingly.

- Long Elf Ears Recolours by ScalesofGrey & HopeWasHere (Thanks to MouseyPounds for the conversion)
- Ali's Witch Hats by strawberrymilk95 (Thanks to Geminia for the conversion)
- Missy's Shirts by MissyDiabolical
- Witch Furniture by spotteddotted (Converted by Geminia)
- Everia's Dragon Statues by Everia/Mythicas (Converted by Geminia)
- Coii's Girls Sets Pack & Coii's Basic Shirts Pack by Coii (included in one download)
- Nightmares Additional Weaponry by zcsnightmare (includes updated values)
- Yoseiri's Plants by Yoseiri (updated to new JA format post SMAPI 2.5)
- Pufferchick Obession by Yoseiri
- Some Scarecrow Replacement by Yoseiri (makes the scarecrows BigCraftables)
- Fairy and Fairy Bushes by Yoseiri
- Chinchilla As Pet by Yoseiri (CP version updated, added a BFAV conversion thanks to KAYA)
- Flowery Fence(s) by Yoseiri
- Yoseiri's hairstyles 2.0 by Yoseiri (migrated from the GG version to a CP version for 1.5 compatibility)

Looking for Kawaii Hats? They have been migrated to the Chucklefish forums.

- This mod is fully demonetized and serves as an official conversion until either the original creator would like this taken down or the original creator uploads their own version. This mod also serves as example packs for the Json Assets official documentation.

- For all of your pufferchick needs, Pufferchick Obsession pairs well with:
Goodbye Cat and Dog and Welcome Pufferchick
Seagulls are now pufferchicks

- Latest version of SMAPI
- Latest version of Json Assets *
- Latest version of SpaceCore *

* Unless specified

- Drag + Drop the unzipped folder into your SDV/Mods folder (unless specified)

- Delete every existing item made from this mod
- Remove the corresponding folder(s) inside /Mods

If you miss any (especially in your inventory) you can crash your game.
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