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Here it is, the 1.4 update of my very first mod! I completely overhauled him, and rebuilt him from the ground up! This was my very first mod I ever made, and I wanted to redo it. Now with fresh and cleaner code and a nice lemon-lime scent! (note: only your game can enjoy scent not detectable by human noses)

Meet Nagito!
There are *two* versions of the NPC in this mod, referred to as Canon and Lore. Lore is the default option.

Canon is the classic mod. Nagito Komaeda from the Danganronpa series in a (hopefully) immersive way, the one former players would be familiar with. He's the same as before but with fixes and 1.4 compatible. Dialogue contains a few references to the series. ;)

Lore is more adapted to fit into the world of SDV. I still tried to make sure he's clearly Nagito, but gave him my own spin too. This option is for anyone who is lore-friendly, wants a change of pace, or who doesn't care about Ding Dong Grandpa.

Nagito grew up on the Fern Islands but moved to Pelican Town to enjoy some peace and quiet. He's a bit awkward and keeps to himself, not to mention very superstitious... Will you be his friend?
- 100% 1.4 compatible. Take him to the movies! He sleeps at night in pyjamas like all the cool kids!
- Two options for the character to best fit you and your game!
- Seasonal outfits for both lore and canon!
- CustomKissingMod and NPCAdventures compatibility
- Also has unique courtship responses like the ones from this mod!
- Marriageable (14 heart event in a future update) and has custom child sprites (can turn off in config, will only trigger when married to him)
- Optional Download offers patches for various JSONAssets mods to give him proper gift tastes and reactions! (Update: removed for now to see about better coding).
- A resident of East Scarpe if you have it installed!
- Hi-Res portrait addons! Hand-drawn to match either DCBurger's or Shie's portrait mods! (Lore only and non-seasonal, I'm afraid)

JSON Assets Patches
This is an optional download to make Nagito properly react to new items added by JA mods. Otherwise, he wouldn't and you wouldn't be able to earn or lose friendship points when gifting these to him. View the spoiler below to see what mods there are patches for. Make sure you install them first and then overwrite with my patches.

Note about the PPJA Recipes: the folder may be named differently so it won't be a simple drag-n-drop depending on if you installed it via the Project Populate JSON Assets Collection or not.
Removed for now.


* means it's a JA item. You must have the patches otherwise giving him the item won't work.
Birthday is Spring 28.

❤ Loves - Lucky Lunch, Rabbit's Foot, Diamond, *Bouquet of Hope, *Lucky Clover,
😊 Likes - *Artisanal Sodas, *Salty snacks, gems, flowers, Joja Cola, Green Tea, *tropical Shaved Ices, *Marshmallow Fluff, *Dried Poison.
🙁 Dislikes - Sweets, minerals, Sweet Gem Berry, *Sweet Gem Berry flavoured things.
🔥 Hates - Skeletal Hand, rice, *rice dishes, Fiddlehead Risotto, Stir Fry, Rice Pudding

Don't need to be done in order. Some events are the same with slight changes depending on version, while Lore has two new events.

2 Heart - Archaeology House/Museum any time he's there
4 Heart - Beach on a sunny day when he's there, in spring, summer, or fall only
5 Heart - Bathhouse Pool
6 Heart - Wizard's Tower after dark (7PM~Midnight/19:00~24:00)
8 Heart - Should get a letter
10 Heart - Beach at night (8 PM~10PM/20:00~22:00)

2 Heart - His house when he's there
4 Heart - Archaeology House/Museum any time he's there
6 Heart - Bathhouse Pool
8 Heart - Should get a letter
10 Heart - Beach at night (8 PM~10PM/20:00~22:00)

His favourite film is 'The Miracle At Coldstar Ranch'. He also likes the 'The Zuzu City Express' and the documentary.

For snacks, his favourite is Joja Cola. He likes salty, healthy, and fancy snacks and dislikes the sweets and candy foods.

Future Plans!
- 14 Heart Event
- More Seasonal Outfits
- Maybe quests or more mail?
- Maybe some more surprises too :)

Install Guide!
  1. Make sure you have SMAPI installed.
  2. As well as these mods:
    1. Content Patcher
    2. Custom Fixed Dialogue
    3. Custom NPC Fixes
    4. Mail Framework Mod
    5. PyTK
    6. TMXL Map Toolkit
  3. Drop 'em all in your mods folder. Open [NPC] Nagito and edit the config file if you wish.
  4. Install the addons the same way, if you like. They require:
    1. Custom Kissing Mod for [CKM] Nagito, if you'd like to be able to kiss him after seeing his 10 heart event.
    2. NPC Adventures for [NA] Nagito if you'd like to be able to take him alongside you as an RPG-style follower.
    3. Portraiture for Portraiture Addon if you want hi-res portraits for your NPCs.

Config Reference
"Variant" -
Controls Nagito's personality. Set to "lore" by default, but can be changed to "canon".
"Style" - Controls Nagito's appearance. Set to "lore" by default, but can be changed to "canon".
"Seasonal" - Whether or not Nagito will wear the same outfit year round like in vanilla, or change clothing with the seasons and weather. Set to "true" by default, but can be changed to "false" to turn it off if you don't use Seasonal mods.
"Babies Take After" - When you marry and have children with Nagito, they will look like him ala Babies Take After Spouse. Set to "true" by default. Change it to "false" to let SDV or another mod handle your kiddos' appearances.
"Nailpolish" - Toggles whether Nagito has his iconic red manicure or not in his portraits. ;) Set to "true" by default, but can be changed to "false".

Are the JSON Asset Patches required?

  • Nope, not required. It's completely optional for if you play with those mods and want to be able to gift him items from it. I do, and saw a few items that made me think of him (how can he not love Farmer to Florist's Bouquet of Hope? Giving him that and getting no points and an 'eh' response felt so wrong). If you don't want those mods in your game or don't ever gift the items to villagers, you don't need it.
Is it safe to overwrite the files from the JSON Asset Patches?
  • The only exception would be if another custom NPC had patches, but I don't think that's a thing? (let me know if it is! Always looking to learn!). It won't edit or change the JA gift tastes of vanilla NPCs.
Is he compatible with SVE?
  • The short answer: most likely. The long answer: I'm very positive he doesn't mess with the map change by his house in SVE. However, I don't play with SVE nor do I offer support for it so if this changes in a future update, I will not be checking and updating Nagito.
The old mod sometimes replaced Elliott, this version is custom?
  • Yup. I had to relearn how to make custom NPCs since in the 3 years I've had Nagito, there have been like 4 different ways to do it. He even has dialogue referencing Elliott being his neighbour. :)

Final Comments
Did a lot of testing, but it's possible I missed some things. Please comment letting me know if you find any errors, and what version of Nagito you're playing with. Other than that, good luck, have fun! 🍀
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