Better Balance

Content Patcher Better Balance 1.3.0

I just finished my first foray into published mods:

Better Balance

A simple but wide-ranging rebalancing of prices for various farm produce, among other things Better Balance aims to:
  • Expand the variety of viable options for crops & animals through improving underperforming options
  • Extend the early/mid-game by greatly reducing "maximum" income without being too punishing,
  • Make Animals on par with Crops,
  • Put other professions on par with Artisan,
  • Make the "top" crop/animal change depending on various factors,
  • Give almost every crop or animal a niche situation where it could be considered the "best,"
  • Indirectly allow non-Farming activities like Fishing or Mining to stay worthwhile for longer,
  • and more.
There are many other goals the mods aims to achieve; the full details including price graphs, breakdown of individual crop/animal strengths & weaknesses, mods which add additional functionality / balancing, and even some spreadsheets I used for comparing vanilla / modded items in different scenarios if you're into that can all be found on the mod's Nexus page.

All this is done through Content Patcher edits to item prices (and some animal sale prices and production times) for maximum compatibility. You should also be able to easily change the prices of many common items by editing the content.json file if your balancing tastes are different from mine.

If you're a newer player who wants more options to feel viable, an experienced player wanting to avoid flying through the endgame so quickly with Hops & Starfruit, a min-maxer looking for more variety among top-performers, or a longtime player looking to change things up so you can have the experience of working out what things work well in a "blind" playthrough all over again, consider checking it out to see if it looks up your alley.
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