1. Solved [HELP] Clint doesn't return tools

    The watering can and pickaxe have not been returned by Clint when upgraded. Really frustrating because we've got 85 hours invested in the farm! We can probably manage without the watering can but definitely not without the pickaxe. Any help gratefully received. Thanks.
  2. 1313e

    Prismatic Tools (endgame tool upgrades)

    Hello everyone, I have been playing this game for about 350-400 hours now, and absolutely love it. So, I am starting this post by thanking everyone (especially CA) that has contributed to the game. Having said that, I have been thinking lately about a few things that I feel like are missing...
  3. Tom

    Spreadsheet collaboration - Let's do it, people!

    I have seen many Stardew Valley tools and spreadsheets: some good and some not so good. What's been common to all of them is they are NOT a community work in progress (and I have never got a response to a comment). Let's change that. Let's develop one or some Stardew Valley Google spreadsheets...