1. Holly3353

    Solved [Help]No scarecrow 7&8 in night market

    I am on iOS, my farm is in year 9, I got all Rarecrows, #7 and #8 were from Museum reward, according to wiki: “in night market, Rarecrow #7 and #8 can be purchased only after earning the first ones by donating items to the Museum.” But none was sold on Magic Shop Boat this Winter. I also have...
  2. Honey

    Any mods to rearrange museum? Specifically to help me get museum rewards (My museum is already completed)

    Hi there guys! I have encountered a rarecrow bug where I'm not able to get any at the night market (I already have the #8, so it should show. All I'm missing is the #7 and I don't have a clue to what happened to it, or if I even got it in the first place.) I can't rearrange my museum, since...
  3. Honey

    PC [BUG] Stuck on day 2 of Market Night, can't buy any Rarecrows from Magic Shop boat. (year 5, 87% achievements done, including museum.)

    I won't be playing the game anymore until I find a solution for this because of the title^ I can't find a mice rarecrow in my inventory to be able to recieve deluxe rarecrow, so I was waiting the whole year until winter for this opportunity. I found it strange that I didn't find it on day 1...