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This is my farmer Raven and her cat, Magpie. Magpie is based off of our cat, Ollie. Raven is shy and easily distracted but is making progress in her desire to bring crystal fruit wine to the masses. I have the artistic skills of a spastic monkey so I asked my 11 year-old daughter to draw Raven for me. I’m really thrilled with how she turned out.

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i don't have much new art of my farmer, but her name is jade. she originally came from these dumb comics i used to do back in 2016 and 2017 and my IRL name is jade, but it caught on enough with my fanfic that i ended up keeping her name the same which is one of my regrets since it feels so self-inserty and i try to keep her personality a little different. that being said, totally nothing wrong with self inserts and there are a lot of people named jade so i just overthink a bit lol

some diff pics all of varying age

farmer jade bio resized.png

jade cute.png

jade valentines.png

jade keeps things to herself, but is very open with friendship and is eager to have that connection with others. she isn't very skilled as a farmer, but works hard enough that she pulls through most of the time. loves taking care of her animals and wants to aim to have a bunny focused farm eventually