What is your favorite Pokemon?


I still laugh at my finals against Leon in SWSH: who is going to win: a gigantamax Charizard or a eevee with dig? :laugh:
It went as you expected.
PS: the eevee was my partner in Let's Go so he might have had higher stats

Bulbasaur is one of my favorites too! And I also adore the Rockruff line.
Rapid strike urshifu vmax is my favorite is It's great to hear that you're a fan of Bulbasaur and the Rockruff line! Bulbasaur is a classic Pokémon and known for its unique Grass/Poison typing, while the Rockruff line is known for its adorable appearance and its evolution into different forms based on the game's time mechanic. Pokémon games offer a wide variety of creatures to love and train, and it's always enjoyable to find personal favorites.
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