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i like cats and have five. im from europe. i have autism, how severe it is, im unsure. but not very. im very new to the game and like it well. im a cheese nerd and have a lot of cheese knowledge. i also like geography and studying cultures. i use this game as an escape from the chaos of my life (3 little siblings, 5 cats, and a lizard who frequently is let out by my youngest brother). i use switch split screen to play with one of my little brothers, and then play on my computer to play by myself. i'd say im an interesting person. ask away. (oh and my favorite character is probably robin, why, i couldn't tell you.) OH and i dont care about spelling, grammar, or capitalization. i do care about punctuation. sometimes.


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Welcome to the forums! Sorry if it’s a bit disappointing but stardew has quite a limited cheese palate, I’m pretty sure I saw a couple mods that massively expand on the cheesy inventory if you are able to download them.


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The forums do have a cheese emote though! :cheese: (These are all emotes from the game's chat feature, meaning Stardew has this emote as well).

Also no need to apologize for delays in replies! I definitely don't always have time to check the forums every day, and I don't expect people to be checking things here at any particular frequency either.