Unfriendly villagers


There are some people in village that I can't make friends. They are not even listed in Social Tab.
  1. Marlon and Gil in Adventurer's Guild
  2. Birdie on Ginger Island
  3. cashier in Joja Mart and Cinema
  4. Gunther
  5. Professor Snail
  6. Welwick, the Fortune Teller in Casino
  7. maybe some others
Some of them live in Stardew (I doubt they come to valley daily). But they are unfriendly. Are they anchorites? Most of them - no.
What is the reason of this behavior?
They are just acquaintances - you know, people who work in the community. Just like irl, you aren't going to be friends with everyone. Their purpose is to move the game forward with quests and achievements. I don't consider them unfriendly though. Gil and Gunther can be a bit blunt.
I can sense some arrogance and pridefulness in their character. –except the one that does not talk to you.
The ones that do not want to speak with you are only interested in making money. –I am talking about the cashier, coffee man, and woman in a wagon.
Most of them could be very intelligent, unique, and strong. Mostly secretive or ordinary as well.

Unlike the NPC, they seem not interested in being friends or becoming a love interest with the Farmer.
Possibly, it could be the reason why it is harder to pop the bubble.
It is fascinated to see that there are more introverted people at SV than extroverted people.
Or maybe if you are older, you end up being very introverted.