Issue Treasure chest and expanded version


Hi! I have a question, two actually. I have the expanded mod loaded, but it won't load. I am not certain why. Also, the Haunted Maze, I get to the place for the chest and no chest. Any ideas/help? Thanks in advance!
Okay, first issue, I recently began modding and wanted to play SVE as well, but it wouldn't load no matter what I did. I went at it for 3-4 hours banging my head against a wall that just wouldn't break. I'm willing to bet that you have the same issue I did. It has to do with PyTK and TMXL. They haven't been officially updated in quite a while and are completely outdated, thus making SVE not load. There are unofficial versions for both of these mods here and here. The first link is for PyTK and the second is for TMXL. The unofficial versions make the game load in really slow, so just be patient, it should work (it did for me) For your second issue, you will have to consult someone on these forums who knows what the heck they are doing. I could still help you with this because though I'm an idiot I'm a persistent idiot. I hope this helps, cheers and happy gaming!