Translation For Mod

paradigm nomad

Hi there! I can't seem to message you on discord but PPJA is always looking for translators even for just a single pack. Currently we have nothing translated into Turkish. We have a handy visual guide for submitting pull requests. If you want to discuss further or have questions feel free to send me a message on discord. All of my contact information is under my About with discord preferred.

I also help maintain Canon Friendly Dialogue Expansion. I just finished a rewrite and if you're down for translating all of that (2400 liines) I can send you the files on discord.

Finally, Turkish speakers are hard to come by in our community so your services would be treasured by many. If PPJA and CFDE are too big there's the mod-translations repo for mod authors who need stuff translated, usually it's only a few lines. The link I included already filters to just the mods that need Turkish. There's not many but as I said I know it would be appreciated especially for mods like Lookup Anything and Debug Mode.